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  1. Normy P

    Normy P

  2. Normy P

    A good update from Holland

    If we are looking to add a little toughness, I do believe Darren Mc Carty is available and would come real cheap. I for one would love to see him back in Hockeytown where he belongs!
  3. Normy P

    Your Top 5 Worst-Run NHL clubs

    Chicago has to be #1 for sure but their prospects are looking bright, depending who they select today. The Blackhawks have a good core of young players and a great goalie, look for them to start making a move in the next few seasons. I really think any team that doesn't average 15000+ per game should be moved to another area. This would include: Phoenix Boston New Jersey Washington NY Islanders Chicago St. Louis The sad part is all of these teams are in huge markets with potentially millions of fans. The one that baffles me most is New Jersey which has been a consistently great team for over a decade and a half!
  4. Normy P

    Lidstrom certainly is top of this generation

    I also don't see Lidstrom retiring but I don't think he is going to take a pay cut either. Face it, this guy is worth every penny to lead our team to another Stanley Cup!
  5. Normy P

    Report: Balsillie gets deal in Hamilton

    The Predators will only temporaily move to Hamilton's Copps Coliseum until the new arena in Balsille's hometown of Kitchener-Waterloo is built. He has the land purchased and is just itching to get it built there. The land is located just off the 401 and just outside the Toronto Maple Leafs zone. A team in Kitchener would affect the Sabres, Leafs, and Red Wings. Many fans of the Red Wings and Sabres are drawn from the Southwestern Ontario hotbed and Kitchener is within one hour of London ON, a city that sells 10000 seats to an OHL game. The league would have to think hard about the effects on Detroit and Buffalo as they are teams that have been selling out for many seasons now. Why shake the pot? I for one would love to see a team in Kitchener but not at the expense of my beloved Red Wings or the now surging Sabres! The Leafs would be minimally impacted as they have enough people on their season ticket waiting list to fill Ford Field every night!
  6. Normy P

    Same formula...

    I would prefer them to win on Sunday afternoon, but maybe it is destiny to make us all a little nervous? Either way it goes, whether we win another Cup or not, this team has achieved far more than ANY fan expected at the beginning of the season! We were suppose to struggle to make the playoffs and here we are 6 wins from our 4th cup in 10 seasons? I never liked Babcock or Hasek until these playoffs. I give them two thumbs up for a valiant effort either way! Go Wings Go!
  7. Normy P

    WCF Game 4 GDT (5/17): Red Wings @ Ducks - 9 PM ET

    Red Wings 4 Ducks 1
  8. Normy P

    Ducks respond on hit.....

    The thing is though, OUR players don't get caught in those situations. You won't see the Red Wings gooning people because we are having a bad game. Niedermayer should have stepped in before the obviously ticked Pronger took his cheap shot. It was obvious that Pronger was irritated by Holmstrom and a good leader takes him aside and gives him a pep talk! I have no respect for Pronger any longer!
  9. Normy P

    If Dom hangs it up this summer, which option looks best to YOU?

    Wow, all of these are simply awful scenarios!!!!!!! If we are going after a goalie 1. Niklas Backstrom - great season and would come reasonably priced 2. Jean-Sebastien Giguere - great goalie - big contract 3. Curtis Joseph - solid veteran - would play cheap! We have Chris Osgood whom can still be an everyday goalie when called upon!
  10. I was just pondering this earlier. It would be simply amazing to see Nicklas Lidstrom make history on a team full of Swedish talent!
  11. Normy P

    Tonights Difference Makers

    Johan Franzen will be the hero for the Wings tonight!
  12. Normy P

    Detroit vs. Anahiem

    The WIngs will win this is 5. Detroit is too experienced and Giguere will be tested in this series!
  13. Normy P

    TSN's Expert Picks

    I have really enjoyed the TSN coverage thus far. There announcers are much less biased than those of the CBC. Glad to see atleast a couple of them picked us!
  14. Normy P

    Should We Keep Bertuzzi?

    The biggest thing is dependent on his performance through the remainder of the playoffs. Chances are Holland will sign him depending on his price. Forget not we have to give up draft picks if we do indeed resign hi. Cap wise the Wings are sitting good for next season. With the cap expected to rise upwards of 48 million. I believe we are sitting about 30 million but will need a starting goalie!
  15. Normy P

    Non-Michigan fans: How did you become a Wings fan?

    I am a lifelong resident of St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada (15 minutes south of London) and have been a Red Wings fan since 1988. I decided to cheer for the Red Wings primarily because all my other friends cheered for the Leafs. It was in the early 90's where I really got into hockey and how fortunate I have been to be a fan of the Red Wings. I am also a fan of the Tigers, Pistons, and Lions. As I am Canadian my true passion rests with the Red Wings of which I own hundreds of collectables, clothing, and such. Living in Leafs territory only makes it that much more of a thrill. We are very lucky to be fans of a truly great franchise ran by a man that has a great passion for his city and the game of hockey!