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  1. Pens are going to repeat.
  2. win it for Eaves
  3. Reminiscent for sure
  4. Come on Caps...all bets are off game 7 however.
  5. Rangers about to get eliminated by a team that can't sell out their home playoff games
  6. Capitals are playing so sloppy in this game - they are just tempting fate
  7. Kadri such a diver
  8. go PredWings!
  9. game 4 underway right now 2-1 Capitals wow it never gets old seeing Ovechkin blast a slap shot goal. Toronto just scored. 2-1
  10. I'm with you on Anaheim but I love Calgary's throwback alt jerseys. Same for the capitals.
  11. Lets go PredWings, 2nd ugliest jerseys in the league (Florida owns that)
  12. Yay Datsyuk and Kovy. I don't think their team lost a single game in the playoffs or maybe one game? Total dominance.
  13. He's been a huge part of their power play and success overall. Had a career year this year including 30 goals (between Dallas and Anaheim) Ducks are coming out of the west.