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  1. Had a feeling Z would be back at center before long
  2. Impressive back to back wins
  3. We've been outplayed badly 3 out of 4 games. I don't see reason for optimism.
  4. Get Larkin out of the dot if he can't win them.
  5. D wasn't good tonight but Mrazek let in a few soft goals too. New season same problems
  6. yeah but Miller kills penalties. That counts for like 25 goals.
  7. would rather have Quincey than Ericsson. Not saying much, but still. I liked KFQ for what he brought.
  8. Don't you know? Every player we have is super valuable in a trade, new signings are going to have career years here, and Jonathan Ericsson is going to be a physical defenseman because he fought before in Grand Rapids. Still waiting on that.
  9. October you mean
  10. I'm a little surprised by this though.
  11. wouldn't you?
  12. Datsyuk is going to light it up this season.
  13. Grigorenko is playing in the KHL though
  14. I wouldn't consider Tootoo simply because he barely got a chance to play.
  15. Totally forgot about Brunnstrom!