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  1. Larkin has been hot garbage all year long
  2. hopefully for another team next year
  3. Patrick Eaves has 25 goals this year and 11 on the power play
  4. Wish we never got rid of Eaves - a true grinder with actual scoring ability
  5. Ericsson could be very good - LOL
  6. Sheahan got an assist - that's like 0.5 of a goal
  7. On paper the rhetoric going into the season was that we were better than the previous year's team. I thought we would be a bubble team again and it says a lot that we are nowhere close to that and nearly every player is having a bad year stats-wise. Send the AHL coach back where he came from.
  8. Larkin dives too much to be a PF
  9. I posted about this in the KHL playoffs thread. That was a late hit lol
  10. I just want Blashill fired at the end of the year - that's really the only thing I'm looking forward to with this franchise
  11. Dirty or clean hit?
  12. The bummer I was thinking during the game was I feel we can compete like this consistently but we haven't, so it really doesn't matter what I think when the season's results are what they are huh?
  13. I literally had a dream the other night that Sheahan scored after a rush and shot down the wing LOL
  14. so who are you guys rooting for in the playoffs?