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  1. funny realization from the shoot out last night: go back and watch, Nielsen, Nyquist and Zetterberg all did the same exact move and their goalie fell for it every time.
  2. Zetterberg has been playing really well after a very slow start (first 10 games or so)
  3. Jamie Benn is the top PF in the game to me. Over PPG, captain, can do it all. He reminds me very much of a prime Shanahan
  4. Can we fire Blashill?
  5. A battle between 15th and 14th place in the Eastern Conference
  6. But at least Blue Jackets have some actual historical significance. Golden Knights sounds like an ECHL/College team at best
  7. an early trade-deadline acquisition - I like it
  8. Actually starting to panic. I didn't think we would be this bad.
  9. 2 games under .500
  10. Mid November and we're under .500 Let that sink in.
  11. Had a feeling we would lose after Mrazek misplayed the puck in the 1st. Dumb color commentary guy was like "You can't really blame Mrazek on that one" I thought, how about yes you can, why doesn't he stay in the net?
  12. Looking for a pair of tickets. Can paypal you payment directly. Tickets right now are about $85 per ticket so I'm looking for something a bit cheaper.