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  1. Riley Sheahan ( aka Mr Teletubby)

    Absolutely. He lost so many puck battles last year and just looked slow out there. Not that he was ever fast but it would definitely noticeable last year and the little I've seen him this pre-season, the same thing this year.
  2. Riley Sheahan ( aka Mr Teletubby)

    he looks just as slow as last year. Can we trade him for a bag of pucks already?
  3. 2017 NHL China Games

    The latest horrible idea from Bettman: As it looks on Twitter, there are A LOT of empty seats. China doesn't care about hockey, just ask the KHL, Bettman.
  4. Pre-Season Games

    Totally agreed. We should be able to watch all pre-season games. That said, I believe tonight there's no way to watch or stream it?
  5. 2018 Detroit Red Wing All-Star(s)

    I can't wait to see Mantha take some big steps this year.
  6. Athanasiou Rumor

    I really hope AA is just playing hard ball and won't really bolt for KHL. He's one of the few guys on our team with real upside. Just pay him close to what he's asking and work out a deal to get under the cap.
  7. What difference does it make if we're bad with veteran players as opposed to bad with younger players with little to no upside?
  8. Athanasiou Rumor

    not even close. Hudler never had game breaking speed/ability the way AA does. Keep low-balling our young players Holland, you were lucky Tatar signed with us.
  9. The Elite Dylan Larkin

    a 23 goal scorer, elite?
  10. Last year they were SIXTEEN POINTS out of a playoff spot. Will things turn around this year? I say yes, they will make it as a wild card. The powerplay won't be that horrendous again, Howard will be the starter and stay healthy and a couple players have bounce back seasons while Z still produces - that will be enough to get us in.
  11. Tatar Re-Signs 4 Years $21.2M ($5.3M AAV)

    Stephen Weiss, Johan Franzen,Justin Abdelkader, 2 underachieving goalies at over 9M together...that's how.
  12. Tatar Re-Signs 4 Years $21.2M ($5.3M AAV)

    Career year coming up!
  13. Tatar, Athanasiou, and XO's new deals

    At this point, can a multi-year deal be reached or nah?
  14. Tatar, Athanasiou, and XO's new deals

    100% yes. He'll be a 30+ scorer next year (assuming healthy)