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  1. Jurco will be playing in Europe in a few years max
  2. the entire team except for Zetterberg, Green and Vanek have regressed. It's coaching.
  3. Don't forget we're still paying Stephen Weiss
  4. It's all those bad contracts that are still on the books that will be hurting us for years to come
  5. no one wanted him for free, what would be different a few months later?
  6. Miller is salty
  7. absolutely love what I'm seeing from Ott. These last few games our 4th line has been noticeable and has been putting pressure on the other team - a lot of this has to do with Ott
  8. We need to either dump players or dump coaches. Please don't just stand pat Holland, this dive has been in the making for several years
  9. our "big move" will be trading Smith or something
  10. Vanek is out so we will lose. If he was in, we would probably lose too.
  11. He will be "day-to-day" you know, out 25 more games
  12. hey at least we're fighting a lot more. We are literally reverting to the 1980s Red Wings before our eyes
  13. Sheahan is on the 2nd line - to bring his offensive punch
  14. This has been a long time coming for Boston
  15. someone put a beach ball out there