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  1. off season moves: Ken Holland moved from his couch to the refrigerator Stanley Cup, here we come!
  2. I'd want to give Bertuzzi, Nosek and Frk some extended looks. IDK about others however. Grand Rapids had a good mix of vets in the line up too this year.
  3. Some of them might actually.
  4. this season truly couldn't have ended worse. Now we're just in the dustbin of hockey history
  5. signed

    Still a horrible signing. Injury prone 3rd liner at best who thinks he's a top 6 forward. Yeah, lock him up Kenny
  6. Pens are going to repeat.
  7. win it for Eaves
  8. Reminiscent for sure
  9. Come on Caps...all bets are off game 7 however.
  10. Rangers about to get eliminated by a team that can't sell out their home playoff games
  11. Capitals are playing so sloppy in this game - they are just tempting fate
  12. Kadri such a diver
  13. go PredWings!
  14. game 4 underway right now 2-1 Capitals wow it never gets old seeing Ovechkin blast a slap shot goal. Toronto just scored. 2-1