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  1. Top GMs in Sports

    When I read the article I came running here to post about it (I haven't logged in just under a year). How the hell is Millen 96 and Holland 90? This ranking is a crock
  2. Michigan Is Back!

    Never mind I got it. But for anyone who wants a good laugh PETWAY RAPS! (with lowlights of the game this weekend)
  3. Michigan Is Back!

    Like Courtney Sims is much better... Anyways, I was wondering if anyone out there had a tape of the incident before the game. I haven't seen it yet, and I can't find it online anywhere...
  4. Best Sports Cities in N.A

    ***Edit, I am surprised that AA didn't get on the list after looking it over. The two towns i've lived in are 47 (Austin) and 53 (Lansing-East Lansing). I almost wonder if AA isn't on the list because they consider it part of Detroit. Also The reason Tampa-St. Petersburg is so low, is that its based from July 04-July 05. So I don't think baseball tickets are hard to get, the bucs were ok this past season, and it doesn't account for the lightning.Criteria for qualifications. I think if you read that it may help you understand the rankings.
  5. College Football Talk

    Penn State is ranked in this weeks SI as like 30th or somewhere around there. So you're probably right. To be honest, I don't think anyone really knows how the big 10 is going to end up this year.
  6. Best Rivalries

    Haha it is a tasty beer, and I do miss it when i'm in michigan. And if anyone knows where i can get it in michigan please let me know! Couldn't agree with you more. I lived in Austin for 19 years, before moving up to michigan for msu. Back in the early-mid 90's ut-a&m was big, because it kept on going back and forth, and UT could be OU pretty easily. The whole OU thing has really gained fuel over the past 5 years cause thats how long its been since UT has beaten OU. I can't wait for this years game!
  7. Best Rivalries

    I agree. I think U-M/MSU are only rivals in hockey. I think the fans just hate eachother. In basketball MSU's big game of the year isn't against U-M, its not even one of the top games of the year for them. Instead, their big game is against Illonois, Wisconson, or a big time non conference team such as Duke. Very true. I sat in the lower bowl izzone this past year, and although we gave uofm more crap than anyother team, it wasn't all that big of a game (we of course had fun with Horton, and the guys behind me found out that one of the guy's older sister was a professional dancer in NYC). But i'd say even wisc. or IU is more of a bigger rival than uofm. Other favorite rivalries not mentioned include.... Texas vs. Texas A&M (much like uofm-msu this one has taken a back seat to Tex-OU, but always a good one) Army vs. Navy (they both usually suck so its always a good game) Florida vs. FSU (two top teams always slugging it out) USA vs. Canada (hockey, but the murderball one was pretty intense for anyone who saw the movie) UNC vs. Duke (8 miles and a shade of blue seperates these two schools) Leafs and Canadians (surprised no one said this one yet) Lakers vs. Celtics (back in the day) (i'm sure i'll think of some more when i finally get some sleep, and i'll post them tomorrow)
  8. Why won't the Tigers stop losing?

    You have to fall apart before you can rebuild.
  9. Why won't the Tigers stop losing?

    We'll this isn't angel's in the outfield. The tigers are rebuilding, and lets not forget that what 2 or 3 seasons ago they were the worse team in baseball. If you look around the league, most teams play at just about .500. If the sox weren't so freaking good this year the tigers might be able to pull off a couple hot streaks and win. Don't get down on the tigers, the worse is over and they'll be out of the woods in a couple seasons.
  10. College Football Talk

    Don't write off MSU, they still have Stanton who if he stays healthy can cause some damage in the big ten. I've got ohio state winning the big 10 this year. I don't think UofM is going to be as big as they're hyped to be. Without Edwards they can't throw lame duck passes up in the air and watch him come down with it. Hart can be stopped if he becomes too much of a problem. You need decent recievers and a decent QB, and I don't think UofM has either.
  11. Why won't the Tigers stop losing?

    They've been playing seattle a lot lately, and for whatever reason they have the tigers number. In addition to that, they had a series with the A's one of the hottest teams in baseball, and now they're playing the indians who are decent, but they shold be able to win.