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  1. Huge collapse. 2-0 series lead only to blow 4 of the next 5
  2. Same old story. Turn it on for the last 10mins of the game only to come up short. It's one thing to do it during the regular season but this was Game ******* 7 of Cup Finals. Pathetic.
  3. ARRGHHH don't do this to me. It's always too little too late. You better get another one.
  4. 10mins gone already and the Wings have'nt even looked close to scoring *sigh*
  5. Captain Obvious says: Detroit MUST score here.
  6. I can't believe Game 7 is going to be decided by Talbot. Not Zetterberg, not Datsyuk, not Franzen, not even Crosby or Malkin but Max ******* Talbot. Pathetic
  7. Completely forgot about round 2 DET/CHI 4-1 PIT/CAR 4-2
  8. GDT

    Way to go boys :clap:
  9. CBC to the rescue HNIC to air Game 7
  10. Way to go Wings