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  1. signed

    i feel like im in the twighlight zone after reading these last 2 signings.... wtf!!!
  2. 34?
  3. thats one thing one can never forget,draper scoring a goal with his good times!!
  4. im trying to figure out how ive never seen this.
  5. gotcha.that makes sense
  6. im thinking backup,lil joey didnt wanna go to gr...
  7. oh dear god,im nervous!!
  8. flat out sickens me.gladim not the only 1 who thinks this.
  9. good stuff man
  10. i almost shat myself.i hate april fools!
  11. just the other day(cant remember exactly when and who)but ken daniels said somthing about 2 teams being here at the same time.and one of them were already here for a few days.
  12. its clearly clear this all falls back on bobby lang,DUH!
  13. glad i wasnt the only one who turned off the game and is about to explode over this crappy play fro mthe wings.
  14. this is what i found on FSD "The Pistons and Red Wings play on the same night approximately 40 times this season. Because FOX Sports Detroit Plus exists, we are able to accommodate all games for both teams. In order to do so, the teams are assigned to FS PLUS on a nearly-equal amount. As it stands, the Pistons will appear on FS PLUS 20 times this season, the Red Wings 17 times. When a Pistons or Wings game airs live on FS PLUS, it typically re-airs at midnight on FS Detroit. FS PLUS is made available to 98% of the households that receive FOX Sports Detroit, thanks to the efforts of nearly every video provider across the state. Some systems have recently added an HD feed of the channel. For a complete list of channels by provider, you can visit our channelfinder page. While we understand that some fans will favor one team over the other, our loyalties lie equally with both organizations, which we are proud to have as our partners that help make Detroit one of the great sports cities in the country."