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  1. alowicious


  2. alowicious

    WCSF Game 6 GDT: Sharks 1 at Red Wings 3

    I think when Mickey called him a competitor he did it tongue in cheek. Plus, you don't want to give anyone fuel for game 7.
  3. alowicious

    Prayers and Well Wishes for Matt

    Feel better soon, Matt! Go Wings!
  4. alowicious


    I seem to recall a segment on tv where Superior actually boiled or steamed them although I can't find reference to it anywhere so don't count on it. also, found this in a we article regarding price from 2008: The octopus runs $3.95 a pound; they can run as small as 1 to 2 pounds, and as big as 10 pounds.

    Keep Kicking ASS!!

  6. alowicious

    DET-PIT Post-Game Discussion

    I heard that as well. I literally said "You have got to be kidding me!"
  7. alowicious

    Brendan Shanahan announces retirement

    Shanny is a class act! I am sad that he didn't get to retire the way he would have wanted. Detroit will always welcome you as one of its own! Cheers, Shanny! :beerbuddy:
  8. alowicious

    Leino scratched on saturday

    There is a problem here. Once again we would be giving in to his demands. I think he was the one that basically gave Detroit an ultimatum saying he will play in the NHL or he is leaving. Now it's I will play on a top line or I am not going to try? Prove that you are a good player and try. Skate hard, try your hardest every second you are on the ice. That is when you get rewarded. I mean, come on. Besides if he were producing, we really couldn't call him lazy and complain about him as much.
  9. alowicious

    Leino scratched on saturday

    Not very impressive to say the least. At times it looked like he just gave up instead of trying to get to the puck. In one instance in the second period, I thoroughly believe that he could have gotten to a puck way before the Boston defensive player to negate an icing and he just watched the puck. I don't know if he is frustrated or just not trying. Either way, it looks extremely bad and if he wants to play with this organization he needs to step it up. If he doesn't significantly improve this year I wouldn't be upset to see him move on. This is his chance, as they say, s*** or get off the pot. Go Wings!
  10. alowicious

    Framed My Red Wings Championship Newspapers!

    Those came out awesome! I laminated mine myself and don't look nearly as good, but at least I have them. I should have gone the Kinko's route. lol
  11. alowicious

    "Crosby Sucks" chant!

    Well, I guess I take back what I said about you too. Now skip on over to your own board and ego stoke yourself. By the way, most of us booed Bettman and not the Pens. So, when your hockey baby was too busy to shake hands, most of us chose to stay and watch the cup presentation, because that is what hockey is all about, The cup. Wings are a great organization and will continue to be among the elite for a long time. Enjoy your cup, but enjoy it over there with your bandwagon fans.
  12. alowicious

    This Picture...

    Apparently you don't frequent your own boards. That is exactly how it was over there. lmao, Thanks for thinking of our site as the site to be on. It's good to be a Wings fan.
  13. I wouldn't be surprised if the wings had a little something for him at the beginning of the next season. Just make it legal boys.
  14. alowicious

    Thank you Matt

    Thanks Matt! For all the time, effort, and money that is put into this place where Wings fans can come and discuss the worlds best sport!
  15. alowicious

    Respect to Penguins

    Mister Puck, everything you said about Wings Fans can also be said about Pens Fans. It's just how life is. What Sneaky Pete said has Troll written all over it and you just added validity to the Trollness by being a Pens fan and including your approval of it. Anyhow, Here's to a great series and a great game tonight. Go Wings!!