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  1. Nice language.....low life
  2. Another TRUE redwing fan
  3. Whine whine whine...sounds like a canucks site
  4. Dont let the door hit you on the way out.
  5. uhhh he elbowed him...duhhhh
  6. I agree,but dont bother arguing with them its pointless.Their trying to make Bertuzzi look like a supertar.If i broke someons neck i would be in jail.
  7. I love Weber,hes Canadian
  8. Your kidding right? Bertuzzi is the biggest wimp ever :lol:
  9. Thanks Bertuzzi
  10. Can you get your point across without the bad language.No wonder i wont let my kids on this site.
  11. Cant believe you call the best coach in the league an idiot
  12. That would make it worse,Bert is lazy and a floater......maybe you should watch him play sometime.
  13. Your kidding right?