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  1. Holland confirms that Hudler will play in KHL

    Political animosities aren't everything and there are other things that play a role too. BTW as far as I know the Finnish have a quite a history with the Russians too, dont they? According to the cited article, Hudler has been promised to center their first line. This, imho, was much more important for him, although there are other factors: money, distance to Czech Republic, larger rink favors skilled players, ...
  2. Hudler files for arbitration

    Seems to me that the only thing we can agree on this thread is that CAP SUCKS.
  3. Remember this? Datsyuk for Olesz

    You're right on every count. "Å™" is among the rarest sounds in all languages, I once read in the Guiness Book of Records that it exists only in Czech and in some Chinese dialect. And it can be likened to "rzh" merged and pronounced as one sound. Foreign speakers of Czech have a hell of a time trying to learn it
  4. 2009 WCSF GAME 7: Ducks 3 at Red Wings 4

    The way the game was reffed I am surprised the \Ducks didnt play a 5:3 power play the last two minutes But, hell yessssssssssssssssss!!!!! I will try to sleep now, but I doubt I will ...
  5. WCSF GAME 5 GDT: Ducks 1 at Red Wings 4

    nicely done :-)
  6. Lidstrom's race to reach 1000p this season

    I have a feeling that Lidstrom is just picking up speed ... milestone or no milestone, all should beware of Nick!!!
  7. Lidstrom's race to reach 1000p this season

    too early - the playoffs are still two months away :-D
  8. Holland:"Wings aren't seeking goalie"

    Osgood's sv% and GAA might be 2 reasons. Not showing much signs of improvement, another.
  9. Holland:"Wings aren't seeking goalie"

    Yeah, and Tim Thomas was also an underrated goalie that nobody wanted, once.
  10. Hudler: More Icetime - Worse Performance ?

    Let's not be too rash here. Let him catch up with Filppula first.
  11. Holland:"Wings aren't seeking goalie"

    one word: smokescreen Anderson for Filppula anyone?
  12. Hudler: More Icetime - Worse Performance ?

    Hey Frozen man, I am not bothered in the least :-) Feel free to dig deep into the deficiencies of my yeoman education :-) I share your feelings, language has a fascinating life of its own
  13. Hudler: More Icetime - Worse Performance ?

    on second reading, ehm, you're most probably right ... ............ and I dont care if it is a conspiracy or not. If it helps Hudler stay in Detroit, it is fine by me :-)