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  1. What's wrong with Hossa?

    Been too busy so I haven't followed the Wings much on live TV, but how's he looking the past few games? 1a no goals in his past 5 games I believe, is it a chemistry issue? Lack of finish? Sore groin? For those of you who've watched his play closely , what seems to be the problem?
  2. Malkin

    crosby has actually been taking the hits and physical play towards him pretty well, more than he has in the past, bouncing from checks instead of flopping/embellishing. at least he's showing determination and giving his all unlike malkin who's just laboring around on the ice.
  3. And this is why I love Babcock....

    the reporter was mike brophy im pretty sure, not some no body in the business.
  4. Malkin

    The Pens had plenty of days off in between series so no, I don't think it's physical unless he's hiding a nagging injury. It's more of the way he's being defended right now. He has a hard time using his speed to get away from checkers, and he needs more hunger/intensity to win puck battles in the dirty areas.
  5. Congrats to Joe Sakic

    it won't be his last, he's stated or at least hinted many times in interviews that he doesn't want to retire, he still has a passion for the game mentally and physically
  6. Jagr...

    you could've made a case, albeit a silly one, if he didn't score a goal, play was continuing and he was trying to draw a penalty.. but he scored so what would be the purpose of lying down like that faking to be hurt as you so stupidly claim? plus replay clearly shows that jagr's head got hit by orpik's shoulder, half-blindsided. what a lousy post.
  7. Did Babs mention about the starter for tomorrow? Probably Ozzie cause he got the win ya think?
  8. WQF GAME 1 GDT: Red Wings 3, Predators 1

    how has Holmstrom looked so far??
  9. WQF GAME 1 GDT: Red Wings 3, Predators 1

    How does holmstrom look?? He isn't getting much ice time so far..
  10. The Wings have looked like the better team by far in this series except for 1 game. They just have to start burying their chances more. Giguere has been awfully lucky so far. I said before the series started that the Ducks should win this series, but the way these 2 teams have played so far, I think the Wings will eventually win. One thing I highly disagree with in what the Wings have done is Babcock not having Zetter-Dats-Holms together 5on5.
  11. Why are the Duck fans / press so cocky?

    what's so bad about this article? most of what is written is true. wings will lose this series, they just don't have the depth. wings were lucky that the sharks tanked and shot themselves in the foot, how many total mins did the wings lead the sharks by in their series? like < 30? and the wings have never faired well against the ducks. they will get exploited and exposed in every way by the ducks... size, speed, depth, health... the only hope for the wings is hasek to stand on his head every game and the ducks beating themselves.
  12. Will Hasek Start the back 2 back?

    well 1 reason is he's not had a good history in recent years of playing b2b especially with that tender groin of his...
  13. *Sat., April 21 3:00 p.m. at Detroit NBC, CBC (if necessary) *Sun., April 22 TBD at Calgary CBC, VERSUS Sorry if this has been mentioned already but what do you think about this?
  14. Vancouver Canucks

    it's the typical misconception of any hockey fan from the east who thinks the Canucks are doing so great all because of Luongo. if you have actually followed the Canucks closely since Christmas you would know their consistent success is not ALL due to Luongo. they play smart, they don't make mistakes, and they follow their system to a T. they also have one of the most underrated, deep defensive core in the league. and their special teams are solid. basically, the Canucks are the New Jersey Devils of the West.