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  1. sether

  2. Can't wait for opening night, got my fantasy team drafted tonight and this summer has been way to long.
  3. I think i can, Brodeur, Roy, Belfour Joseph, Sawchuck, Fuhr......ok maybe i cant.
  4. Yep your right, Vernie's 300th win was against the Avs, it was also the same game as the brawl where he fought Patrick Roy
  5. Congrats on 400 Ozzie, way to steal 2 points for the Wings tonight!
  6. Lets go Wings!! get Ozzie win number 400 tonight.
  7. The person below me hasn't started Christmas shopping yet, and isn't looking forward to all the crowds at the malls.
  8. My heart says a cup win, my head says I'd be happy with making it to the conference finals. I'd love to see SJ and CHI get beat out early, and if the Wings don't win the Cup I'd like to see The Caps get it.
  9. Happy that the Wings are back tonight. having said that time to their "A" game going tonight. No time for slumps now.
  10. GDT

    Probably alot of bars on both sides of the border packed with patrons watching the game.
  11. The Lions actually won a game.
  12. Howard's mask is kinda cool looking.
  13. The Leafs TV feed doesn't have commentary.
  14. Leafs TV is doing commercial free broadcast showing 4 different angles. kinda cool to watch and don't have to listen to Hughson or Simpson.
  15. Give Burke a few years he'll have Toronto the way he likes. So far I like the moves that he has done.