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  1. Drapes bangs in the rebound 4-3 Wings!
  2. Legace with a big save late.
  3. just like old times.
  4. Domi ties it for the Leafs
  5. Darcy Tucker makes it a one goal game early in the third.
  6. Watching Lidstrom and Murphy paired up on D brings back a ton of memories of the 97 cup final.
  7. Clark bangs in his own rebound to get the Leafs on the board.
  8. Shanny! 3-0
  9. 2-0. Larionov with a nice move on Cujo!
  10. Lidstrom with the first goal of the game!
  11. I was thinking the same thing.
  12. Scoreless after one. Didn't think that would happen.
  13. Did Ozzie play in the Wings-Avs alumni game? I remember he played the alumni game at Comerica.
  14. Homer hasn't changed a bit.
  15. Love Palmateer's old gear.