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  1. GDT

    Congratulations boys, you earned it. Thank you for a fantastic season with the only finish that matters. Tomorrow is the first day of an ass kickin summer!!!
  2. Anyone who defends Sid's actions is blinded by man love...He clearly acted like a little *****, plain and simple. In every interview with ANY Wings player they all show respect and acknowledge the skill of the team they are facing. Sid tries to play it off like the Wings are nothing special. Well, what does that say about you Sidney?
  3. For sure...the team does feed of Dat's success. I also think Franzen will have a bigger impact tonight as well. SO jacked up for the game!!!
  4. Pav has been on FIRE on the road this post season, and I see no reason why he won't continue that trend tonight...I feel a three point game coming! Anyone else loving this guy right about now? Screw the people who dis him because he isn't North American, he is a hockey GOD!!!
  5. I do not support this thread either...
  6. That was F-ing HILARIOUS!!!
  7. Go Bruins!!! F the habs...
  8. Why? All the skater had to do was look up, and skate around the goalie to score on an empty net...Shame on him for staring at the puck the whole time...
  9. This is the way I feel...You win or lose...Doesn't matter how. If people knew that losing in OT or a shoot aout meant ZERO points, they would be more exciting.
  10. I thought the VS HD feed looked fine...Maybe in your area they had trouble.
  11. I think even if you don't respect the other team, that you should respect the tradition, and shake anyhow. Why should you lower yourself to their level by not participating in it. Chris has a history of not taking losses well...See the Olympics.
  12. There's one of you on every message board...The one that thinks HE is the face of reality...I hope you don't watch games 6 (and hopefully 7). The series is over right? It's not like we haven't overcome adversity in EVERY series this season...
  13. Looks like you're the ass clown now...
  14. For real about the DVR...Changes your life! But, sadly, I can't DVR a late game to watch the next day, because there is no way I could avoid the media the next day without finding out the results of the game. Hence, I must stay up and watch the game live (or at least the DVR way of live by buffering up for an hour to get through the comercials)...GO WINGS!