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  1. I said that you have threatened to burn your s*** on multiple occasions. That quote proves that I was right. It definitely happened back in '08 as well. We actually had a conversation about it some years after the fact. You apologized and explained that your wife had left you recently and you were dealing with some mental problems or something, but that you had gotten help and were feeling much better. I gained quite a bit of respect for you at the time for owning up to your behaviour and actually making an effort to do something about it. Thats all gone now though. The fact that you feel the need to lie about such trivial s*** and are pulling the exact same antics almost a decade later, means that A) Your apology was insincere and your newfound humility was a facade, and B) Your doctor probably needs to increase the dosage on your meds. PS I feel bad for throwing your personal s*** out in a public forum, but youre basically asking for it at this point
  2. Haha, busted!
  3. There was no argument there. It literally did happen. Pretending that it didnt just makes it that much funnier.
  4. I bet Lefty is burning all his jerseys right now!
  5. Oh, ok. I must have you confused with a different poster. I think her name was LeftWingette... I always get you two mixed up. That chick was always acting a fool... (See what I did there? Like how you used to refer to players you dont like by girls names. Pretty funny, huh?)
  6. We werent even behind in the series! It was tied at 2 and we were headed back home for game 5! Like, how much more can a person be an irrational, knee-jerk cry baby?! All im saying is that if youre gonna threaten to quit the team and start burning s***, you better make sure your team doesnt win the freaking STANLEY CUP!
  7. I know it happened. You know it happened. Thats all that matters.
  8. I dont need to look it up, I could never forget something so hilarious. It was after we lost game 4 in the 1st round of the 2008 playoffs. It was particularly funny seeing as how we went on to win the series and the cup. Classic!
  9. I can really relate to what you're saying here, Lefty. Its like how I was the first person to start calling you out for your ill-informed viewpoint and wildy irrational behavior, but then others caught on and now everyone thinks you're a joke! It sure does feel good to know that I was right all along! BTW, I think its hilarious that you refer to yourself as a "super fan" considering how many times you've threatened to stop following theWings and throw all your jerseys in the trash.
  10. Thats true. But the argument being presented is that we will be unable to select a "real star" with the 7th pick, which couldnt be further from the truth.
  11. This entire argument obviously depends on your definition of a "star player", but there are currently more All Stars playing in the NHL that were selected 7th overall or later than in the top 6. There are also more players in the Hall of Fame that were selected 7th or later.
  12. Stars selected after the seventh pick Lundquist (205) Keith (54) Seabrook (14) Parise (17) Getzlaf (19) Burns (20) Perry (28) Bergeron (45) Weber (49) Pavelski (205) Byfuglien (245) Green (29) Rinne (258) Kopitar (11) Rask (21) Letang (62) Quick (72) Bishop (85) Yandle (105) Giroux (22) Marchand (71) Couture (9) Shattenkirk (14) Subban (43) Simmonds (61) Benn (129) Karlsson (15) Holtby (83) Tarasenko (16) Faulk (37) Gaudreau (104) Forsberg (11)
  13. Youre being irrational and not making any sense. First you say that we should be tanking in order to get the number 2 pick, but then you say that we shouldn't have traded Vanek unless we got a first for him. Well guess what? Getting rid of Vanek will help us lose games, giving us a better shot at a higher pick. The reality is that you would probably find something to complain about no matter what Holland does.
  14. Thats a THN article, not TSN