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  1. Offer is still good with the Panthers. I'm in for the Tampa game the night before as well. Let's chat as it gets nearer... Jesse
  2. Official: Hasek announces retirement

    Love this guy. Can't wait for the career highlight video to be released. Anyone know where I can get that golf shirt he has on??
  3. Wings touch down at Metro Airport

    Plane is definitely not in the air yet. New flight plan not yet filed. http://flightaware.com/live/flight/N682RW
  4. Thank you, Matt

    All true -- this place is the best. Thanks Matt
  5. Raise your hand if!

  6. Ice Condition for Monday and Wednesday?

    Hey, I came in from Calif to check out this game -- anyone in Big D know when the morning skates usually happen, and if they open up the arena to the public at all for them? I am staying right next door.
  7. Masterton Finalists

    My thought is that his nomination is a nod to the PA -- all the leadership Cheli has shown on behalf of the players since the lockout -- he and Linden helped make sure the sport could survive on TV at all...
  8. 3/28 GDT: Blues 4, Red Wings 3 (OT)

    Yeah...NHL Network...and it just went to sh!t. All my other dig sports channels are OK, as is Center Ice, so it's just this channel. Way to go Comcast...remind me again why I ever switched from DirecTV?!?! On to NHL.com radio... Let's go Mule!
  9. 3/28 GDT: Blues 4, Red Wings 3 (OT)

    Dude...did anyone else w Comcast out of market just lose the feed?!?!
  10. Some pics from the Alumni Game

    Just thought I'd share a few images from the great time that was had last night with the alumni teams. it truly is hockey day up here! http://jessepurewal.blogspot.com/
  11. Wings Toronto Hotel

    I'm staying at the Westin and can confirm that they are here. Had a nice brief chat yesterday with Lebda and Downey about their skate (it was a tough skate after the 3rd period meltdown vs LA...they laughed about it), traded a cab with Homer to go over to the alumni game, and ran into McClellan and Mickey in the elevators after breakfast this morning. Everyone's pumped to be here (including me).
  12. Who's going to Toronto?

    I'm going to be in Toronto and plan to catch the Wings/Leafs alumni game downtown at the Ricoh Center on Friday night, then the big game on Saturday afternoon...anyone else around? I'm just going in by myself seeking scattered singles at this point... Go Wings!
  13. Wings in St. Louis

    I am going to be doing double takes every time I see a bus. Well, it'd be about time for the morning skate pretty soon, so I'd better head down and see if a bunch of Canadians, Swedes, a Fin, couple Russians, a and couple Czechs, and Captain America come through the lobby.
  14. Wings in St. Louis

    So I am in St. Louis for work, going to the game tomorrow night here -- anyone know where the Wings stay when they come here? Our client put us up at the Ritz in a suburb of the city, so I was thinking there was a semi-decent chance they could be staying here, which would be pretty sweet. Any insights appreciated...
  15. 11/7 GDT: Red Wings 3, Predators 2 (SO)

    Fellow Centre Ice Subscribers: The Wings game isn't on the slate of games for tomorrow night, and it's not on VS or any other cable channel. Does anyone know what's up with this??!! I am going to call Comcast in the morning...