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  1. datsyuk_13_fan

  2. What If Everybody in Canada Flushed At Once?

    haha, that's awesome
  3. All-Star Breakaway Challange

    I could see Getzlaf doing something ridiculous. He pulled off a nice move last year in the shootout.
  4. All-Star Breakaway Challange

    According to TSN East 1. Kovalchuk 2. Ovechkin 3. St. Louis West 1. Gaborik 2. Datsyuk 3. Getzlaf Will Pavel win? I hope he does something insane..
  5. what's up with dat's shot?

    What playoff slump? Did you watch the playoffs last year? As for his production, he is over a PPG right now. I do agree he should shoot more since he has an excellent wrist shot, but he will continue to get over a PPG and finish with around 90 points. Gomez - Big juicy contract - 3 points in 10 games
  6. Comprehensive list of 50 goal and 100 point getters...

    For this year? I'd be pretty surprised if Kopitar and Stastny got 100+ points..I think both will get around 85-95. In the future I can see them putting up 100ish points.
  7. 10/20 GDT: Red Wings 5, Phoenix Coyotes 2

    The top line is going to have a big night. Fantasy question - When will yahoo update datsyuks and zetterbergs position eligibility? Man..yahoo stinks.
  8. 10/15 GDT: Anaheim Ducks 6, Red Wings 3

    Just got home..sounds like a good game. Was hanks 2nd goal unassisted?
  9. Zetterberg vs. Datsyuk

    Doesn't matter! They are both gonna be here for a long time and if one is more valuable than the other, it's not by much! But if I'm gonna build a team around one? Probably Zetterberg, he is younger.
  10. Hockeytown is DEAD

    Colorado is pretty much focused on the rockies right now since they are in the playoffs, probably why they didnt sell out.
  11. Should Pavel and Hank stay on the same line?

    I was thinking they should too at first, to bring more balance to the lines...but it's something that shouldn't be seperated. Just like Lecav/ St. Louis, Heatley/Spezza/alfredsson etc.
  12. Should Pavel and Hank stay on the same line?

    I think they should, it's just too much fun watching them together. They completely dominate when they are together.
  13. Preseason Highlights?

    Is there any site that has preseason highlights of the wings games that have been played? NHL.com has none up and TSN.CA seems to only put up Canadian teams highlights.
  14. Winter Classic Sells Out in 30 Minutes

    yea, the majority of tickets went to fans in buffalo. People are just mad they didn't limit the amount of tickets you can buy, apparently ticketmaster said the most one person bought was 32 tickets, and then they started to limit it to 4 per person.
  15. Winter Classic Sells Out in 30 Minutes

    The media contacted the Leafs/Jays and they said they had no involvement and that the jays/leafs sth did not get tickets. I'm a little confused since apparently there was a password for them to get tickets that got leaked, and I know people who bought tickets using the "Sundin" password that were not season ticket holders. anyway, I was lucky enough that my friends mom got tickets for me and my friend through her work. There are tickets on ebay, but the prices are insane...and the crazy thing is that almost all of them have bids on them, really hot ticket right now. Some people that were lucky enough to get through on the site and buy many tickets are making TONS of money. There are many people in Buffalo that are furious that the ticket process was not handled better, Many people logged in at the ticketmaster site right at 10am, but the traffic was so bad that the site was basically broken...and you also only get 2 minutes to purchase a ticket, which is very little time.