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  1. You get one of those max Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  2. If there is a top line spot for Sheahan then there is no excuse for Mantha not having that spot. Im tired of this team saddling its top players with bottom six talent just because they have big body.
  3. Just to clarify so I am not wrong on your opinion. You dont agree with me saying the wings are a lower tier team or that forcing your goalie to stand on their head ever game shows they are not better than last year?
  4. Lets settle down there cowboy. Just because your goalie is forced to stand on his head to win a game doesn't mean this team isn't a bottom tier team. In fact it proves the point of how far they have fallen. They were utterly dominated tonight and it wasn't even close. If your goalies are forced to play that good every night to get points you are going to lose a lot more games than you will win. Detroit's goaltenders have vastly outplayed the oppositions goalies in every game this year and even so are lucky to be 2-2 and not 1-3. As long as the rest of the teams play forces the Mrazek and Howard to be as good as they have every night this team isn't a playoff team. Ive been a Howard supporter around here but lets be honest he has been horrible the last two years and should have been moved. Other teams wanted nothing to do with him even knowing they could get him cheap from Detroit. Hes got Hall of Fame numbers in Madison Square Garden. The problem is his numbers in the other 29 buildings arent so good. A good season from him is needed so that Detroit can either trade him and get some value back or guarantee that Las Vegas takes him in the expansion draft. And yes Holland should be slammed for not making this team better because he hasnt. This team hasnt finished better than 3rd in their division since 2010-2011. He is not making this team better. They have either regressed or been stagnate every year since then.
  5. And there shoudnt be room for him either.
  6. Because its a mans league duhhhhh
  7. Of course he is playing like a man possessed. At 32 this is his last chance for one more big payday. That said even if he does light it up this year giving him more than a two year deal would be a mistake.
  8. And then Winnipeg just lets him rot until someone puts in an offer sheet and says thanks for the overpayment in pick compensation.
  9. This could have been done last offseason and it would have been a heck of a lot easier to accomplish than it will be next offseason. What makes you think he will suddenly do it now?
  10. Trouba pushing to go to Detroit would only strengthen Winnipeg position in negotiations.
  11. Mantha scored in each of GR's first two games. Just saying.
  12. Had Detroit drafted Chychrun we wouldnt have seen him until 2020 anyways. Even then might have been too early for Holland. Probably 50/50 chance hes lost on waivers because its a mans league after all.
  13. Im sorry but this is a horrible idea. Mrazek is Detroit's top asset right now. Larkin has the potential to be a very very good player but hes not going to challenge for an Art Ross, Richard, Hart trophy, or be a one of the top 5 guys at his position. Mrazek on the other hand has the potential to be a top 5 goalie. The goaltender is your teams most important player and you better be getting something better than Trouba back for your goalie of the next 12 years. Especially when you have no goalie in the pipeline anywhere near his caliber. Coreau may end up being a decent backup but comparing a him to Bishop is silly.
  14. So basically that time has come.
  15. I agree with everything thats said about the defense. The defense needs a complete overhaul and one move isnt going to accomplish that. Holland cant find the balls to make one move let alone the multiple needed to fix the team for this season. Its going to require a multiple year rebuild for him......or the next GM.