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  1. I hate the Leafs but you cant say they are boring to watch. Its amazing what a good coach and youth can do.
  2. DK just summed up this Wings season in one play
  3. Mantha just got karma'ed for hitting a guy whos down.
  4. Blashill with another idiotic challenge...
  5. Hrmmm 9am puck drop this morning.
  6. Oooooo Mrazek you so bad......
  7. LOL the Yotes color guy just stated that Domi didnt want to fight because of an injury earlier in the year and Abs should feel very lucky about that.
  8. Have to watch the Yotes feed due to GC local blackouts. They got a dbacks pitcher guest commentating....talking about Zetterbergs having a walker....I miss Mick and Ken
  9. Exactly. How can you sit Mantha for poor play yet DK and Sheahan are in every night
  10. Back home. Team still will be unlikely to play with any real passion. Wont be enough boos from the crowd
  11. Actually its rough because Holland mismanaged this franchise the last 5 years.
  12. Its sad to think thats its just early March and the only thing we have left to look forward to this season is the day Trashill is fired.
  13. Got home late. Turn on a 4-0 game...totally not surprised at all.