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  1. The Red Wings success started a decade before the Patriots so who learned from whom?
  2. Can it truly be called a sophomore slump when he only played good for the first half of his first season?
  3. Only if the 19 is in the loss column
  4. Good thing for the Wings that the Caps were still on their break today.
  5. Fire Blashill
  6. Exactly. If you are going to lose atleast lose entertainingly. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  7. Wings continue to honor Mr I with another gutless showing
  8. Ive always been a big believer in that good teams create their own good luck. Bad teams use it as an excuse.
  9. In sure he would be very happy at that. Hes been good but then again this is also playing for a contract. Call me cynical but I doubt we see the same level of play from in a non contract year on a team that will continue to be bad. Thats not counting the fact he always seems to have some nagging injury this year. Not trading him and signing him does nothing for the long term future of this team. He will be long gone before they are good again so they need to cash in on him now. If he wants to come back after being traded then so be it but they need assets more than an old guy with a history of his play dropping off.
  10. Dont need it when you can smartly sign players and pull off good trades.
  11. I like it Look how well the Wild responded to the scenario.
  12. Not as bad as McCollum against St Louis but the general idea I do agree with you.
  13. Yes I will gladly discount praise given to a coach who has a team at the bottom of the conference and who virtually every player has regressed under. But hey if Eddie O and Pierre McGuire make you feel better about him so be it.
  14. The hockey gods are punishing Coreau for Nyquist spearing a man in the face.