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  1. What was Kronwall thinking on that slash?? Stupid.
  2. It hurts us with Zetty out. Going to be close one I think tonight. I live in Minnesota and have about 10 friends who are Wild fans (obviously) over tonight watching the game. Come on Wings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Even if we could afford him, we don't need him. No disrespect to Eddy but not to be in a Wings uniform.
  4. That trade would definitely help both teams. If Tampa continues to lose they are bound to make some trades.
  5. Count me in for this too. Is there any to watch the Wings online?????
  6. There is/was something on TSN.CA/ Under the TSN broadband section Dave Hodge sticks out his thumb to the 'idea' of a Vincent Lecavalier trade and to the Detroit Red Wings. Cool.
  7. The Wings don't need Hossa. Correction the Wings would like Hossa but what it would cost is not worth Hossa.
  8. Trading Dats along with another player or 2 for Richards or Vinny would be a good deal. Nothing against Dats and I love him to death but I would put Richards or Vinny in his place any day of the week.
  9. My Dad has had season tickets to the Sharks since they started as a franchise. That goes back to when we had season tickets at the Cow Palace. My first ever hockey game was the Sharks vs Red Wings. My 2 favorite players at the time were Fedorov and Yzerman. It's been all Red Wings for me since friends consider me a die-hard. I don't think I'm as die-hard as some people on here but I'm close. I now live in Minnesota. So it always goes in this order of teams.... Red Wings until I die Sharks Wild
  10. I honestly believe that Betuzzi is getting better every game.
  11. My old man has season tickets to the Sharks. He says the sharks want to play the wings real bad to show that they can beat us. I told him it will be a tough battle and fly me home for games 3 and 4!!! Hahahhaha!!
  12. Thank god!!!! Payback is a *****. Glad we finished them off tonight.
  13. If the Wings win this series against the flames, I say he stays. If we lose then who knows??
  14. Cleary has been the best Red Wing this series by far. Love this guy!!
  15. I'm not really happy with Lang's performance in all three games. He should not be resigned after this yr. He just seems real slow or lazy or maybe both.