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  1. Interesting to see the "Euro twins" together again.
  2. That execution of Hossa was a true thing of beauty. Seems so simple and smooth.
  3. Please, dont hang the team for this loss. We came off a hard back to back game with a travel in between meeting a team boosted with confidence from an easy victory at home ice the night before and still in the zone. Actually, I think Boston can be a serious challenger from the east this year, so loosing to them isn't that bad as some here thinks.
  4. Here we go! That was important. One more before the break and that will crush them.
  5. This ain't over. Now its all offense. Let's fly or die!
  6. Or -6 maybe... F***!!
  7. Was that really true? Is Detroit -5 on 4 on 4 this season?
  8. So typical, they score on their first shot. That can't be a good sign.
  9. Drapes for 3 stars!!! Haha...
  10. Nice dive!!
  11. WTF!!! Obviously its not Ozzies night tonight
  12. Way to go Hoss! Out of the invisible box he steps.
  13. That was crappy!
  14. Don't talk crap about Pain Train. He delivers when he needs to.
  15. Good stuff Z! Have waiting for that one. Wouldn't be surprised if he's on a roll again and we get a hattie tonight! And Mule shows some Homer quality there plus Pain Train ready to go. This game is a lock!