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    WingsallTheway reacted to krsmith17 in Nestrasil Waived / Claimed by Hurricanes   
    Why are people comparing Nestrasil to Cleary? Cleary isn't the reason Nestrasil got exposed and claimed on waivers. Cleary wasn't going to be waived, nor should he have been. Cleary brings so much more than what he shows on the ice to this team, the experience and leadership he provides, on and off the ice, can't just be replaced, and certainly not by a 23 year old kid. If not Nestrasil, Jurco would have been sent down, and maybe in hindsight that would have been the better choice. But where is all of this upside that everyone sees in Nestrasil? I just don't get it. He was a body on the ice for 13 games, a big body sure, but that's about it. He could barely crack the Grand Rapids line up last season and to be honest should have never cracked our lineup this season. It would have been nice to see him clear and provide some support down in Grand Rapids this year but in reality he probably never would have cracked the Wings lineup on a full time basis, not this year, not next year, not ever. We have a ton of more skilled guys knocking on the door, he will not be missed. We even have a player that we signed in the offseason who is similar in stature but much more skilled, in Tomas Nosek. Good luck in Carolina Nestrasil, unfortunately you will probably end up down in Charlotte after 30 days...
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    WingsallTheway reacted to PavelValerievichDatsyuk in Forsberg in HOF, Fedorov equal?   
    Yeah, I guess I was unclear what I meant. My post does say I think it'll be LIds, Feds, Pronger - and that'll be deserving. I've just always hated Pronger - I kind of just meant anyone else instead of that guy. There's no way the Kariya should actually be there ahead of Pronger. That fact that you guys got up in arms shows that there's no real question about this class, though.
    I did really like Kariya's character as a player, though - great speed, vision. But his career was messed up by concussions and he played on some pretty bad teams.
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    WingsallTheway got a reaction from krsmith17 in Do we need a trade to get our offence going ?   
    Nyquist is nowhere near at all.....
    Nyquist is our fastest skater (next to helm....gus is more explosive). Nyquist has the second best hands on our team. Nyquist is our most likely player to score a goal on a given night.
    Hudler was small and he showed it every night...gus doesnt. This is an awful comparison Nyquist is is more comparable to a young zetterberg...
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    WingsallTheway got a reaction from NikM in 11/14 GDT : Blackhawks 1 at Red Wings 4   
    This team really needs both Z and D in the lineup. The whole team plays better since we actually roll 4 real lines
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    WingsallTheway got a reaction from sjr2012 in 11/9 GDT - Tampa Bay 4 at Detroit 3 (SO) - 6:00 PM EST   
    Its pretty evident that the wings need to improve in the shootout...all around. Even dats stinks now; I used to get excited just to see him get a chance to do something magical.
    Solid comeback to get the point though, although that seems to be normal nowadays.
    Regarding helm in the shootout:
    yes it was a bad call as he just lost the puck on his way to the net in typical helm fashion, but he played a good game and everyone would be saying babs is the best coach ever if helm had scored. If anyone remembers, helm did score a clutch goal in his other shootout attempt to give us a win.
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    WingsallTheway reacted to Euro_Twins in Myers close to become a wing?   
    What kind of tires play wing?
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    WingsallTheway got a reaction from trule23 in GDT 11/5/14--Wings @ Rangers   
    gustavsson may as well replace his glove with a frying pan
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    WingsallTheway reacted to BottleOfSmoke in GDT 11/5/14--Wings @ Rangers   
    Detroit Red Wings

    New York Rangers

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    WingsallTheway reacted to Euro_Twins in Stretcher to the wings locker room   
    I was kicking. A tire and thought I hurt my foot, everything is fine.
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    WingsallTheway reacted to kipwinger in What happened to Calle Jarnkrok?   
    Probably so that Nashville's entire season wasn't resting on the shoulders of an NHL rookie with a mere 12 games of experience under his belt.
    Would you feel good going into a season with Riley Sheahan as your #1 center?
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    WingsallTheway got a reaction from twopups in 11/2 GDT : Red Wings 2 at Sabres 3 (SO)   
    so is howard the worst shootout goalie in the NHL?
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    WingsallTheway got a reaction from Ekmanc in 11/2 GDT : Red Wings 2 at Sabres 3 (SO)   
    Well in the past 3 seasons I can recall him being awful so thats enough for me
    important: I like howard
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    WingsallTheway reacted to Euro_Twins in THN: 30 NHL teams, 30 I-never-saw-this-coming starts for players   
    Agreed. But still, no matter how effective he may be, 32% is unlikely to continue. He's also on pace for 57 goals. I can see him ending up with 30-40, which would still be amazing, we haven't had that since 08/09. Dats and z are racking up points too, so we have three guys 4 if you include Abby, which may be premature that could potentially get us 70+ points and lots and lots of goals, if tats, sheahan and jurco can get going too, we could be very dangerous.
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    WingsallTheway got a reaction from frankgrimes in Chara out 4-6 weeks with knee injury   
    Rask is phenomenal, one of the best goalies ive ever seen play. The bruins defence is worse right now then ours was last season... you can put anybody in net there and obviously the stats won't be as great.
    Going into this season, there was speculation that boston would be a worse team then they were last year, when you factor in the injuries theyve had with the loss of Iginla, its going to affect your goals against.
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    WingsallTheway got a reaction from krsmith17 in Wings great Gordie Howe resting after 'serious stroke'
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    WingsallTheway reacted to wings87 in Halloween pic!   
    The zombie is obviously Weiss, you can tell by the way he's sitting there not doing anything.
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    WingsallTheway reacted to Ekmanc in Halloween pic!   
    No hoverhand there either...
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    WingsallTheway reacted to Ekmanc in Halloween pic!   
    It's zombie Datsyuk...
    Well Nyquist is from a fairly well off family in southern Sweden where they have a small mansion and land and horses and stuff so Nyquists nickname within the Swedish group of the wings is Horse polo Gustav!
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    WingsallTheway reacted to Euro_Twins in Babcock "I don't think it will be my final year here"   
    I posted it a few pages back, but here it is again.
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    WingsallTheway reacted to 55fan in Official Detroit Lions thread   
    Can it be? A clutch field goal?
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    WingsallTheway reacted to kliq in Kindl on the block   
    Thats not that unusual for a defenseman though. Last year Smith had 5 goals in 70 games, in comparison PK Subban had 10 goals in 82 games, Keith Yandle had 8 goals in 82 games. The Weber's and Karlsson's of the world are very rare. At the end of the day most defenseman dont score alot of goals. If they cant contribute with assists, move the puck, and get shots through from the blue line, offensively I'm happy.
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    WingsallTheway reacted in Kindl on the block   
    Maybe smith should be given equal time as him in pp and we will see.
    Last year. 5 on 5 he had THE MOST points of our defenseman in less time in ice..... And still doesn't get pp time lol
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    WingsallTheway got a reaction from sjr2012 in Kindl on the block   
    Smith shouldnt be traded for anyone hes our only solid offensive defenceman. Let alone for eberle.....
    eberle is one of my favorite players but we would be getting owned here. He is being pushed out the door by edmonton fans, which should be saying something.
    Also, with regards to howard:
    Mrazek is almost without a question our future goaltender, but gustavsson is good for maybe 15 games a season, otherwise hes hurt. Do you want to run a tandem of Mrazek + Mcollum with our skeptical defence? We would get lit up.
    Bad trade ideas.
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    WingsallTheway reacted to canadian wings fan in 10/23 GDT : Penguins 3 at Red Wings 4 (OT)   
    I don't think you should be allowed to post here anymore
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    WingsallTheway reacted to dirtydangles in 10/23 GDT : Penguins 3 at Red Wings 4 (OT)   
    abby with datsyuk? really?