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  1. Convince me why I shouldn't be dreading this series....

    i want san jose to win one game, just because i have tickets for my b-day to game 5, im coming all the way from toronto to ee my first red wings game at the joe! i'll finally be among my own kind!
  2. Canada vs Russia 1987 World Junior

    every1 knows about this and it was theo fleury who started it, and the canadians destroyed the ***** russians, they have no fighting skill compared to canadians
  3. Igor Grigorenko

    ya the wings are good on goalies and d-men, we have too many playmaker forwards(mostly swedes)
  4. bye bye nashville

    i love that nashville went out early, they're probably going to get moved now because no one is showing up at their games, hopefully they move to Winnipeg
  5. Should Detroit sign the Donatis?

    hometown oakville=sign them! p.s nice joining date juice7125

    jee you think?
  7. Jakub Kindl

    its unlikely that emmertson will play on the griffins in 07-08. he will proly play in chl next year and have a good shot at making the wings roster in the 08-09 season
  8. WATCH "Return Of Hockeytown" Episode One

    i have return to hockeytown on vhs, great movie

    put him as backup next year in the nhl
  10. We shouldn't trade CLEARY or WILLIAMS

    what do you think we can get for williams or lang at this time?
  11. Anyone Else Feel That Nashville Will Become A True Rival?

    lol nashville hasnt lost to san jose yet this year, they won 5-0 last meating, we on the other hand would probably because they cream us a lot but the sharks dont have a lot of playoff exp being the youngest team in the nhl that could play a factor if we had to face them
  12. The Unthinkable could be happening?

    of course i meant erik johnson(#1 pick in 06 southerwingsfan you dumbie) anyways thanks for tht scsgoal31

    fire this bumb! supposobly his contract goes for another 5 years though
  14. The Unthinkable could be happening?

    speaking of the blues why didnt e.j play this year, did we want to go back to collage?
  15. Should Detroit be Sellers?

    if we weren't in a good playoff position then i'd look at selling, if we were at the bottem of the league start to think about the "re building" word(hopefull that never happens) as long as we're at the top of the league we wont trade our players