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  1. I think part of it has been because of all the injuries. He has done to much of it with the healthy guys. I think it is time to send the kids down to G.R. and let them try to win an AHL Championship. Lets face it if the Wings get into the playoffs they are going out in the first round.
  2. I agree by the time they face the sharks they are to beat up and to small.
  3. Let's see, watch the lions or watch the wings........I'm watching the Wings!
  4. Sharks
  5. Is conner a little person? Do not see him sticking with the wings.
  6. Glad to see the wings are playing better. I wish they were a little more physical though....I guess we will wait and see what happens when the trade deadline rolls around. We need Z to start scoring more.
  7. Looks good, I like it!
  8. Prediction Wings 4 Blues 2!
  9. I love taking the people mover and going to Greektown to eat and drink. Plus stopping by the casino.
  10. Go Wings!
  11. Yes, I wish the NHL used that size.
  12. I agree!!! It's been a joke since last years playoffs when they gave Cindy the Cup.