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  1. Any out there? My grail is his WC gloves. Any help appreciated.
  2. Is anyone going to the game tomorrow that might be willing to help a board member out on a couple items. Will gladly pay a nice helping fee. If able PLEASE contact me. Thank you.
  3. Due to some medical bills I am looking to move a few game used sticks. They come with COA from Hockeytown Authentics. I will try to post pics later today Franzen stick 200 plus ship Bertuzzi stick 200 plus ship Hudler stick 175 plus ship. Any questions please post here or pm me. Thanks
  4. Stubhub is trying to tell me that the Alumni Game is a contingent event and ONLY the Winter Classic has been cancelled. They told IF the Alumni Game gets cancelled I am due a refund. I forwarded the press release where it states all events associated with the Winter Classic have been cancelled and not just the WC. This better not be an issue. NOT liking the sound of this already.
  5. So I purchased Alumni Game tickets via stubhub. What are my options? Only recieve my money back because I'm a second hand buyer or do I actually have a choice to keep the tickets for the 2023 Winter Classic?
  6. I see that. I was going to buy a pair to the Griffs too if I got Alumni tix to make the trifecta,but I don't want to spend an extra night or two in a hotel just for a Griffs game. Damn Alumni tix
  7. are probably right,but I'm doing anything to stay positive.
  8. Do you have anyone to check and buy for you? I hope you do. They did mention saying contacting people through Sept. 1. Are you a season ticket holder? Or just like a lot of us that entered the drawing? Man no one else with "The Email"?
  9. I'm thinking (hoping maybe) that it is a bit staggered in sending out those emails. Not sure why they would take the time to put that in the ticketmaster system if there is no intention of doing it. Got my fingers crossed. I think though we need to see those emails today.
  10. Has everyone checked their ticketmaster account? I went there and there is a message saying I've been selected to purchase 2 Alumni tickets...blah blah blah and it will be done through an email system. This is still allowing me to have some hope although I haven't recieved that email yet. Anyone else see this in their ticketmaster account?
  11. Has anyone received any word on the Alumni game drawing to purchase tix?/