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  1. Sparty13

  2. Gordie Howe Hartford Sweater

    thanks for all the help guys... gonna look for the 91-92 jersey.
  3. Gordie Howe Hartford Sweater

    Ha yes I do know that but since they were named Mark n Marty I figured Gordie would have the first initial. I've also seen just "Howe" on the back on google image.
  4. Gordie Howe Hartford Sweater

    In the market for one. Researched online and most are around $150.00. Does anyone know which site is the best? I don't want to order one n get a screen printed or poor quality jersey. Also, most of them say his full name on the back. I know he only played one year but did he ever play on Hartford with just "Howe" on the back? I'd prefer that. Thanks in advance guys.
  5. 3/11 GDT: Oilers 1 at Red Wings 2 (OT) I think...
  6. The Big Chill

    what if i'm at work at want to stream but am in FSD viewing area? Checked atdhe and myp2p... nothin'
  7. So, I think I can now safely buy my #52 Ericsson jersey

    come on guys dont rip on our Euro players style! Thats a wholleee different world over there man, been to Sweden twice and I love it (Girlfriend's parents from there) Ritola is actually wearing some decently manly clothing compared to what ive seen in the past....
  8. Power Play Goalie

    That's the style of PP the Wings play man... They set her up in their own zone and work it into the opposings.... they don't run n gun like Atlanta and some others....
  9. Who are the Black Aces?

    Ah! Good call man, I've heard of him. I kept thinking Russian Dman? Dmitri Bykov?!? Haha Thought Sergei was real young, 21-22 but it sounds like he's much older with his history you just explained... I can't wait for Kindl to develop and come up... 6'3, 220... Brad Stuart size, though his +/- has been rough in GR... If he can pull it together defensively, hell be a rock for years to come. Any update on Brendan Smith too?
  10. Who are the Black Aces?

    no seriously who are they....? McCarty, Downey, Leino, J Howard, Kindl (future star) and ken kal mentioned a Russian Dman but he forgot his name... Who is he?!?
  11. CBS Disrespects Hockey

    This stuff absolutely drives me freaking nuts, you have no idea. Same with the Tiger Woods hockey comment last year during the finals. Kind of funny how during the NFL and NBA off seasons, many of those players are going to court and jail for beating their girlfriends, weapons charges, drug charges, etc... while the Red Wings are spending their time at Children's Hospital with the Stanley Cup. Pisses me off how people are obsessed with these other athletes when hockey players are true gentlemen and good people. Maybe it's because they're not all flashy and in the news for negative things....?
  12. Kenny, Get an Enforcer Now!

    Stuart's got a NTC? Didn't know that. Sorry man. Well hey, 3.75 is a ton for him when Kindl/Ericsson will be ready next year. BTW Chelios is freaking awful, he's developed Larry Murphy syndrome in his last couple years in the league coughing it up and making mistakes more often than not. He's not patient anymore... he gets the puck and just fires it away (usually to another teams' player)
  13. Kenny, Get an Enforcer Now!

    Brad Stuart's a big ass guy. Why the hell doesn't he ever drop em? Trade him to Colorado for Ian! (Free up cap space to keep Leino and Helm, Ericsson to take his spot next year, or this.)
  14. Red Wings visit the White House

    ahah that was awesome, that grin on Pavel's face throughout the whole speech.
  15. Helm/Leino deserve Samuelsson's roster spot

    BAM! no meech tho