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  1. Seems like that era is returning if these playoffs were any indication.
  2. Agreed. If Kenny can fit Conks in under the cap then you take him and trade Howard. I'm sure there is some team out there that is willing to take him. I was never impressed by him and I think he started to play worse in GR as time went on.
  3. Length isn't a problem for me. If Hossa signs, he will have signed before he was 35 and that salary will come off of the books when he retires.
  4. Same thing was said about Dats.
  5. Go away. No one wants you here.

  6. Wings had over 1 million last year.
  7. http://www.letsgowings.com/forums/index.ph...t=0&start=0
  8. The Olympics are really going to take a toll on the Wings next season. Like half of our team will be playing.
  9. All of your fans did.
  10. Only absolute losers hang around on sites of the opposing team days after winning and continue to troll.
  11. Steve Mason would be another nice marketing option. He is young and a great goalie.
  12. Where did Cleary go?