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  1. gdt

    And they lose their composure at the end. Played a solid game until the last 5 minutes.
  2. gdt

    Did we even bring an NHL team, because we are looking like amateurs out there.
  3. I have to admit this loss is on Babcock. Four forwards on that final PP was a dumb decision, and they got burned for it. Silver lining they got 7 out of 10 points on the home stand, and the kids looked amazing once again.
  4. I'm 33-6-1 online. I've had game where I outshot the other guy 30-9 and get shutout, and a game to where no one scored until the last 30 seconds. My biggest complaint would be my player will lose the puck if they are slightly bumped, but I can run full steam ahead into my opponent and with no effect. Also the stupid AI going offside on every rush. To me the only skill that seems really necessary is being able to avoid the hits, cause that is how people play defense 90% of the time.
  5. GDT

    From the middle of the second period on a part of me was hoping that the wings would lose this game. They shouldn't be rewarded in the standings at all for this type of play. Completely outclassed by , points wise, one of the worst teams in the league without two of their best players....Pathetic
  6. GDT

    Tonight it seemed like the Blues vs Zetterberg. Z was a beast tonight. I hope we see more efforts like that from him, and also that everyone else was taking notes.
  7. GDT

    I can't wait for the game to start. It'll be weird not seeing Lids and Homer out there, but this is the beginning of a new era. Let's see what they can do, and as the site says Lets Go Wings. The artwork for the stats/lineups/injuries looks absolutely amazing, I'm in awe.
  8. Thanks for 20 years of great service, and for all the memories. Lids was definately one of a kind, and it sucks to see him retire. He was definately a joy to watch over the years. I wish him the best of luck.
  9. I didn't realize how good defensively Kopitar is, but I'm impressed. I don't watch the Kings very often.
  10. Off the top of my head; Berts goal against Buffalo in the 5-0 game. Smith's fight I forgot against who. Filppula's powerplay goal against Nashville on Nov. 26th. Dats flipping it over the goal against Flordia.. Homer's goals against the BJ's. Dats goal against Boston. Dats goal against the Penguins. Nyquist and Smith's first goals I know it wasn't during the season,but Berts preseason shootout goal vs Chicago. if I can think of anymore I'll add to it, but that is all I can think of for now.
  11. PS

    My first attempts, so be kind please.
  12. PS

    I've been looking forward to this all season. I'm not gonna lie, this is one of my favorite things on this forum. So many good laughs. Kudos to all the people that take their time to make these :clap: :clap:
  13. Now they go and make me feel like an idiot for calling it quits at 2-0. Given our road history this season can you blame me? Congrats on hitting 100+ points again. Great to see the comeback, but our powerplay is still just awful.
  14. This team is a ******* joke. 5 min power play, no shots for and one goal against. Terrible. If this is what we have to look forward to a week from now then it's gonna be a long summer.