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  1. Guerin and Tkachunk to be dealt soon

    Hadley works for KTRS (which broadcasts the Blues). . he has good sources. He's a jerk, but knows his stuff. Also, another well respected writer had this to say today: http://www.belleville.com/mld/belleville/s...es/16746242.htm "Expect the Blues to seek high-level young forwards in any deals involving Keith Tkachuk or Bill Guerin. Anaheim and Detroit seem to be among the front-runners for these veteran wingers, with the New York Rangers and Minnesota also possibilities"
  2. '94 SI Cover- When the NHL was Hot

    Since Bettman took over in 93': Fighting went down, scoring went down, clutching and grabbing took over, the trap, the point system revamped, overtime revamped, shootouts, the toe in the crease rule, instigating. . goalies started to get bigger (pads), then smaller pads, the goalie can only play the puck in certain areas. . and the next thing we will see is bigger nets. . this guy is the problem with hockey and why it has no identity. I f---in hate him.. and they wonder what happened to all the real fans? Well what happened to our real game? RIP: Norris Adams Patrick Smythe And don't forget all the teams that moved into terrible hockey markets with expansion and existing teams moving. . Oh, and remember when Tampa Bay was in our division? Bettman sucks.
  3. Esposito on the XM: Wings looking at Tkachuk

    A couple of things to remember or to note: 1) KT has a no-trade clause 2) According to sources, Guerin doesn't have an actual no-trade clause, but will have a say on where he goes 3) KT is in the best shape of his life 4) KT has been playing CENTER since Murrays hiring, not wing 5) Wings need a tough power forward -Right now Guerin is the better player, but KT may be the bigger impact player. . and I agree with someone above that Mayers would be a good depth player to add. Hes tough as nails and he has tons of speed. Both will fetch the same price I believe. . a first rounder and a forward prospect who is about to make the jump to the NHL. If no one gives that up, they won't go anywhere.