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  1. Detroit has signed goalie-prospect Daniel Larsson

    I had a talk with Stefan Liv 2 hours ago. He confirmed, that Red Wings have signed Larsson today:
  2. I had a talk with Stefan Liv just right now. He told, that Red Wings have signed Larsson today:
  3. WCF Game 1 GDT: Red Wings 4, Stars 1

    GO WINGS GO !!!
  4. 2008 Photoshop War: Red Wings vs. Stars

    Yeah! Photo wars rulezzzz
  5. World Championship 2007 in Moscow

    Here is the link: http://live82.ihwc.net/english/article/new...&artId=2646 It's not in Russian, but in English!
  6. World Championship 2007 in Moscow

    yeah... and did u hear about new format of European Champions League? As i remember, it'll start at 08/09 season. Champions of European countries, such as Russia, Czech, Slovakia, Sweden, Finland, Germany etc. will take part in this competition. And the winner of it will play mega-serie against Stanley Cup Champion!!! IIHF and NHL has already aprove this decision!!! It'll be somthing like that series in last century..!!!
  7. World Championship 2007 in Moscow

    Sure, he should be there, with Red Wings, but he is GM of canada national team! I know, he love his country, so he can't missed World Championship... U know, Canada team is not looking very strong, but they took 1st place in group, beatting Germany, Norway & Slovakia. Now, they should play against Belarus, Czech & USA. And then Play off. For us here, in Russia, it's difficult to watch all PO games of RW, 'cause it's started at 3 a.m. (Moscow time), but real fans (as I'm ) forget about sleepeng for NHL PlayOff - time!!!!! Almost each night we r watching Detroit games!!! Absolutely different! Best wishes to your girlfriend!!!
  8. Hi guys! I know that you are not very intrested in this event, but i live in Moscow, so i've watch some games. And one of them was Canada vs Slovakia. As a Red Wing - fan, i can't missed a moment to speak to Steve Yzerman! He is still in a good health!! It was first time, when i saw him, and it was amazing moment! I asked him about coach career, and what do u think he answered?! He told somthing like "me? U think it's a good idea? Hm.... No. no, but.... not yet!!!" So i hope it's true, and we have a chance to see the Idol ove rthe players back's!!! GOD SAVE SteveY!!!!!!!! here is some potoes of RedWingsBrothers & Idol : http://tkachev.org/forum/index.php?topic=1...g43124#msg43124
  9. Alexei Morozov

    Morozov contacted Wings last summer, but he desided to stay home. But now he understand, that he still has potential to play in the best League all over the world!
  10. Datsyuk - 100th career goal

    Congratulations Pavel!!! Great SH goal! P.S. and thnx to Aucoin for 2 assists that evening..!!!
  11. Alexei Morozov

    Do u here, that the best player of two last seasons in Russian Superleague are going to try in NHL again next season!!! And maybe the NHL team will be RedWings! He is that what we need!!! He's GREAT!!!! Look at this: http://www.ak-bars.ru/video/download.php?s...=1692&c=401 (Morozov sores, Zinoviev assists)
  12. Igor Grigorenko

    Guys, Igor is not that Igor, who was 3 years ago, before crash, unfortunatly..! He made a hat-trick but it doesn't mean. Traktor is outsider... I think, that he SHOULD try to play with Wings, but he'll go home after trenning camp IMHO. Here is one of his goals of this season: http://www.ak-bars.ru/video/download.php?s...=1545&c=174
  13. LaPointe and Burtuzzi

    And what do u think about Stumpel or Carter? they r not so expensive and not bad players..! And pair like Guerin-Stumpel for example is sound good, i think.