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  1. Favourite Moment of the 06/07 Regular Season?

    I know this is playoffs....but the Cleary hit on Phaneuf...that was priceless...plus we scored
  2. Official LGW Playoff Picks Game: Round 2

    DET/SJ -Red Wings 4-2 ANA/VAN - Ducks 4-3 BUF/NYR - Rangers 4-3 NJD/OTT - Senators 4-2
  3. Hasek...

    yea...its "Untitled" by Simple Plan
  4. Lidstrom played unusually bad in game 3

    I wasn't ripping Nick, I was ripping the Calgary ice surface...and random fire alarms going off
  5. Lidstrom played unusually bad in game 3

    yea, Hasek and Nick may have messed up.....but how bout the bad ice and ref'ing...that puck was all over the place, and the officials blew it (what a shock)
  6. Official LGW Playoff Picks Game

    Detroit vs. Calgary --Detroit in 6 Anaheim vs. Minnesota --Minnesota in 7 Vancouver vs. Dallas -- Vancouver in 6 San Jose vs. Nashville --San Jose in 7 Buffalo vs. NYI -- Buffalo in 4 New Jersey vs. Tampa Bay -- New Jersey in 7 Atlanta vs. NYR -- NYR in 7 Ottawa vs. Pittsburgh -- Pittsburgh in 6
  7. Weekend Picks

    Friday: Atlanta @ Carolina Florida @ Tampa Bay Anaheim @ Dallas Saturday: NY Islanders @ Philadelphia Buffalo @ Washington Chicago @ Detroit Phoenix @ Los Angeles Vancouver @ San Jose Ottawa @ Boston Montreal @ Toronto Florida @ Carolina Tampa Bay @ Atlanta Anaheim @ Columbus NY Rangers @ Pittsburgh St Louis @ Minnesota Nashville @ Colorado Edmonton @ Calgary Sunday: Chicago @ Dallas Buffalo @ Philadelphia NY Islanders @ New Jersey Vancouver @ Phoenix Calgary @ Colorado
  8. What is wrong with Robert Lang?

    hopefully he proves us wrong.....unless he has a monster post season and takes a major pay cut...he won't be a wing much longer
  9. The Octopus Thrown On the Ice

    yea...I traveled down and was at nationwide today....the amount of wing fans was truly awesome...the Fedorov boos and octopus...was great to see...electric
  10. Door Number 5 or Calgary in First Round of Playoffs

    minnesota scares me....young goalie on hot-streak+fast skating, trapping team...sounds like Oilers 06, Flames 05, Ducks 03
  11. Odd Man Out

    hudler-has proving that he can play solid hockey, and produce flip-has shown no flaws, glimpses of greatest, plays smart and produces maltby-is a playoff player, grinder and gritty, good defensively cleay-also good defensively, along the boards, gritty sammy-always manages to look awful, shoots when he shouldn't, passes when he shouldn't umm, this isn't rocket science Babcock...the choice is clear...Sammy
  12. The refs hate us!

    please...they got that goalie interference gimmie call at the end of the game there...it was a bad call...but we killed it anyway
  13. Weekend Picks

    Friday: Tampa Bay @ Carolina Montreal @ Ottawa Philadelphia @ New Jersey Washington @ Florida Dallas @ Detroit NY Islanders @ Buffalo Columbus @ Chicago Phoenix @ San Jose Saturday: Atlanta @ Boston Minnesota @ Colorado Pittsburgh @ Toronto Buffalo @ Montreal Ottawa @ NY Islanders NY Rangers @ Philadelphia Washington @ Tampa Bay Anaheim @ St Louis Dallas @ Nashville Calgary @ Vancouver Sunday: Detroit @ Columbus Edmonton @ Chicago Boston @ New Jersey Carolina @ Florida Los Angeles @ San Jose Toronto @ NY Rangers

    thank you very much...Hank is the man!