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  1. Grade Kopecky

    C+ is being generous. He didnt do anything for me at all, those two bonehead penalties in the first were dumb and i didnt even notice him the rest of the night. I know hes better than he played.....but i like Calder over this guy...i wish they would give calder more playing time when hes in the game.
  2. Calder?

    Alright, well i have noticed alot of negativity when Kyle Calder's name is mentioned lately. When he came to the wings no one really cared, though we gave up a jason willioms for another jason williams type player. Then he came out string in his first two weeks and everyone loved the guy. He was getting minutes and respect. Since playoffs he has really gotten the shaft in my book. This series he has only gotten just a little less than 7 minutes total, and was forced to sit this last game for Kopecky. What is going on? I know he is injured, but is that the reason he isnt being played as much as he was? Or is there something that babcock isnt seeing in him anymore? I think hes still one of our better players out there when hes healthy, has heart and goes to the corners to get the puck, on a line with cleary and lang, he was phenomenal during regualr season. Anyone know whats going on? Is he just hurt, or is he done as a wing? What do you think? Because the Kopecky substitution didnt do anything for me yesterday with those two dumb penalties in the first then i didnt really notice him the rest of the game. Not really a momentum pusher .....
  3. Duck and Nucks... GDT LNC style!

    "Canucks clear the zone....and uh oh....Luongo running to the bench again holding his bottom screaming...looks like round two....get that backup back in there quick!!!!!!"
  4. Duck and Nucks... GDT LNC style!

    i heard luongo had a bad case of the nerves which brought on a bad case of the explosive s***s
  5. Duck and Nucks... GDT LNC style!

    haha i dont know whats sadder, you saying that, or me knowing what it means
  6. Lilja the best wings D-man in the playoffs!?!

    I dunno if Lilja is playing really well, or the rest of our D is playing bad and making him look good. haha. No he has been playing really well, with Kronner out its kind of his chance to shine. Hes slow so hes getting beat to alot of pucks in our own zone, but as soon as a shark gets to that puck Big ol number 3 is on top of him throwing his weight around playing like a big player. Alot of our other D men are giving away alot of pucks like scneids and Cheli, and Lidstrom has had his fair share of turnovers in our defensive ends, and these bad plays have helped make lilja stand out, but hes playing really good hockey in my mind. Gota give credit where credit is due
  7. Maltby staying in Detroit?

    If its turns out to be true i think its a great thing! We get him cheap, and we get one of the best penatly killers in the league period for the next three years. Yeah we have younger guys in our system that are going to score more goals, but you find me one of them that can play the PK better than this man. Blocking shots, agitating the opponents, checking, grit, heart.....we need this man, and i think its a great deal. Say what you will "hes old" "he doesnt score" "he isnt hte player he used to be" but the facts remain that he can kill a penalty for my favorite hockey team any day of the week! now i doubt its true due to Hollands history of non playoff contracts, but this defenintly needs to get done! PERIOD!
  8. GAME 4 GDT 5/2: Red Wings at Sharks LIVE

    20 minutes......time to find out what we are made of!
  9. GAME 4 GDT 5/2: Red Wings at Sharks LIVE

    we gotta get in the zone and apply pressure, we cant just get one shot off have it blocked by a defensemen and then say oh well back to our own zone to give up a few shots on hasek. We gotta play hard, we are only down by 1 now and have a lil momentum....lets hope we come out for the third hyped and pumped...
  10. GAME 4 GDT 5/2: Red Wings at Sharks LIVE

    we are not ganaa score on a shot from the blue line, the few that are getting through nabokov has tracked right off the stick. We need to find a way to penetrate the zone and get inside the sharks defense so that we dont have to shoot the puck through 5 defenders and a goalie. We arent getting anything through.
  11. GAME 4 GDT 5/2: Red Wings at Sharks LIVE

    Aint that the truth.
  12. GAME 4 GDT 5/2: Red Wings at Sharks LIVE

    i dont think its good when your grinding line has played the best game for your team. We need about 10 more players like Maltby Cleary and Drapes....heart and passion for the game. I say keep them on the ice and let the rest of the team try and gain some momentum from them.
  13. Pre-GAME 4 (5/2): Red Wings @ Sharks - 10 PM ET

    Nope Homer is back, Nabokov will be blind all night. Wings will be a new team....a winning team.
  14. Pre-GAME 4 (5/2): Red Wings @ Sharks - 10 PM ET

    Wings ganna steal this one tonight....Berts gotta play physical but not take stupid penalties.
  15. Giving the not-so-popular players some kudos here...

    We only hada to wait 5 years haha. No hes doing very well and im glad to see it !