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  1. Why even argue about the criteria for winning the Hart? Even if it was awarded to the best player, it would still be Crosby. Don't be such homers. Datsyuk is a top 3 player in the game, but even given Datsyuks defensive play, I'd pick Crosby over him 100 out of 100 times if I were building a team.
  2. I actually like all of the commentators on VS. Does anybody know who did the Wings-Sharks series on versus? I know Daryl Reaugh did the color, but I have no idea who did the pbp. I thought they were both great.
  3. And with Rafalski, Kronwall, and Lidstrom on the blue line, Holland wouldn't even field a call about Kaberle.
  4. For those who were critical of Datsyuk's move in the SO...
  5. The earliest I know of is game 5 of the 2008 finals. Not saying that's for sure when it started, but I don't know of any times before then that it was used.
  6. I'm on the fence on the prospects of bringing him back, but to play devil's advocate: secondary scoring, and as stupid as it sounds, shootouts.
  7. I get chills thinking about the end of a close game 7 last year when Lidstrom WAS on the ice. Kidding aside though, I'd want him on the ice over any defenseman in the league. And while he will likely take a discount in the $5m range, the Wings should do whatever it takes to retain him.
  8. On almost a nightly basis, Leino is the worst forward on the team.
  9. This is probably reality, but there's something about the "X Sucks!" chant that just bugs me. I think it's mainly that it just isn't funny. Because I'm not one to be overly sensitive to stuff like that. Sometimes tasteless humor can be the best humor, but damn at least have some creativity.
  10. You speak the truth, but I must add that 21,000 fans chanting "Detroit Sucks" can be pretty damn annoying too. At least Detroit fans have the class to only degrade individual players like Pronger and Crosby and not entire cities haha. But yes, every fanbase has its bad apples, like the Wings fan who hit the hawks trainer in the eye with something after that BS penalty shot call at the end of last season.
  11. I would have rather Lidstrom shoot the puck that way at the end of Game 7 last year, but at this point I guess I'll take this without further bitching.
  12. NBC refuses to tell you who the penalty is against, as if seeing who took the penalty is the only thing thats going to keep you from watching something else.
  13. Ed Olyczk is one of the worst broadcasters in the business. I love his comment about Hossa. "It was between Chicago and Detroit, and he chose Chicago". Yeah Eddie, you'd love to think Hossa went to Chicago over Detroit for any reason other than the fact that the Wings could only give him 3 million dollars.
  14. That is true, but in all fairness, most of the posters on this board acknowledged that Lilja's play had improved before he got injured. It's not like he was being bashed like Lebda right up until the point he got injured. Most of the Lilja bashing started in the Edmonton series in 2006 and continued up until some time during the '08 playoffs where he really established himself as a great PK guy and shot blocker. By the time the second half of the '09 season started, a lot of the Lilja bashers (myself included) had finished eating their crow.
  15. Alright let's do this. Derek Meech for McDonalds player of the game tonight. LGW will flex its giant internet muscles. = superstar