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  2. barnettkid14

    Chris Osgood

    I normally dont post, just come on to see the news around the league and such... but STFU... Ozzy could stand on his head ten times over and people like you wouldn't be satisified. Would you rather Hasek be in net? Oh wait.. we tried that, not to bash on Hasek but if he were in net... it might be DALLAS in the finals right now. Goaltending is huge in this game, but somethings do happen like... oh I dono we score on our own net... take stupid penalties in the 3rd OT... things like that, the OZZY can't really have any effect on... why dont you go try out for the Wings goaltending position buddy, eff people like you make me mad :@
  3. barnettkid14

    "Feed the Mule!" Shirts

    Haha feed the mule... I would have to say he is going to get the playoff MVP when the Wings win the cup (notice how I say *WHEN* not *IF*), Ozzie would have been another candidate for sure, but he doesn't seem to be getting nearly as much press as "The Mule"... I think Ozzie should be considered though, I mean... he is 6-0 so far in these playoffs. Ah well, let's see what these two do in the next two series' and go from there
  4. Well this was quick but this is what I think of Dallas ... lets see what the rest of you think of them, enjoy !
  5. barnettkid14

    Game 4 blowout to lure Brunnstrom?

    I'm not saying he's going to sign because of this one game, all I'm saying is that the guys may have been trying a bit harder since he was in attendance.
  6. barnettkid14

    Game 4 blowout to lure Brunnstrom?

    Hey guys, I don't see any postings on this but does anyone think Holland and Babcock pushed the Wings to try to run up the score? I mean, a player that the majority of the NHL is tying to sign was there to meet the team. I think that may be why the Wings didn't slow things down after getting up by 3 or 4 goals. What does everyone else think??
  7. barnettkid14

    Alexander Ovechkin & The Caps

    Hey everyone, this topic is more or less to get your opinions on wheather or not you think Alexander 'The Great' is going to pull it off. His team is 9-1 in their last 10 games which is extremely impressive. They are tied with Carolina for the lead in their division, so I think that is where they will slip into the playoffs. Carolina are only 6-3 in their last 10 games and lost to the caps last night, so I think that tells you which of the two will make it (hopefully). I'm a huge fan of Ovechkin. When he and Crosby came into the NHL, all the buzz was about the two of them and who would do better. Crosby may have missed a lot of games this year, but even still I think Ovechkin would have bet him in the point race. Ovechkin is more of an ideal hockey player really, he isn't scared to get into somebody's face or take a hit for the team. The game that he got his nose broken and then went and scored a goal about a minute later did it in my books, fav player outside of the wings by far. Discuss!!
  8. barnettkid14

    Wings Saving Capspace for reason

    Hey guys don't mean to burst the bubble but that money isn't for a blockbuster trade at the deadline. Take a look at the stats Zetts and Ozzy are putting up with their current salaries. Ozzie is going to want a raise, and if Zetts settles for any less then $5 mill I'll be surprised. If they were to sign somebody for the remainder of the season that would be fine but they need that space for next season. Lidstrom took a pay cut for the team, he's a true leader.. let's hope Zetts will do the same because if he tests the free agent market next season he will be able to get a big increase in salary. (assuming his second half of the season is as good as the first half.)
  9. barnettkid14

    Osgood - All-Star Game

    Osgood isn't going to get into the all-star game this year. I don't know if anyone remembers, but last year Hasek was doing real well and he was not on the website for voting. If Osgood continues this great work he's been doing, we may see him in next year, it's hard to say. Please leave your thoughts on this!
  10. barnettkid14

    10/12 GDT: Chicago Blackhawks 3, Red Wings 2

    wow we have deadly PP and PK... hopefully we can keep that up!
  11. barnettkid14

    Paging aflac!

    Ah right on, I've been following the pre-season via TSN and such, haven't really checked out LGW - thanks for the info though!!
  12. barnettkid14

    Paging aflac!

    Hey, so I don't know how many of you followed this forum last season, but for those that did I was wondering if anyone knows weather or not Aflec will be doing his awesome GDT's. I logged on this morning hoping to see one but didn't . Anyways... if he doesn't do them somebody should step up to the plate! I would but too little time. Anyways later!!
  13. barnettkid14

    How many here have played hockey?

    I've played for 14 years in minor hockey, took two years off to concentrate on school, and am now training to get back into it for this year coming. This will be my last eligable year to play in the Junior leagues. For those that do not play, get yourself a pair of skates and give it a try, best thing in the world!!!
  14. barnettkid14

    Smyth or Bertuzzi?

    You have your totals wrong - <-- Kronner is getting $3,000,000 next season, not 1.5
  15. barnettkid14

    - 04/18 - Hudler's Contribution

    Everyone has made some very good points about Sammy and Lang, they have not been productive this post-season at all. After looking at Aflec's GDT, it looks as though Sammy is dropped to 4th line. Personally I'd like to see Hudler there with Franzen and Flipper.