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  1. Marek Malik- you guys see this one- wrong net

    Paul Coffey anyone?
  2. Sat. Hotstove: Rob Blake to the Wings?

    No no no no. I would have been all for getting Rob Blake if this was 2003 or 2004, but at this point in his career he would most likely be another one and done rental. Don't get me wrong, I am all for doing what it takes to win the cup, but I would hate to see the Wings give up another 1st rounder or anymore prospects. You can see the division getting better, and the other teams are younger and continue to get faster and better. The Wings may be way ahead this season, but you have to think about the future as well. So there two schools of thought are either do what it takes to win this season and worry about the future later. Or continue with the same team that has been atop the league for most of the season and hang-on to the picks and prospects.
  3. Throwback Jerseys

    I actually really like the throwbacks. I like that the Wings have such a rich tradition, I think they should display it. My buddy has one of the new NHL games for PS2, I am pretty sure it's NHL2K7 or 8 or whatever. Anyway, I was playing as the Wings and went I went through the jerseys I saw the old Detroit Cougars jersey with the actual cougar on it. This is different than any one I've ever seen, I've seen the one with the D on the front. My question is does anyone know where or if you can buy these? I also wouldn't mind seeing them wear these.
  4. Red Wings MVP

    Well I've definately never been an Osgood Hugger, but I can give that man respect. Stellar record, great season, he gets my nod for MVP.
  5. Howard to battle Ozzie for backup role

    This isn't really going to matter anyway. I hate to be the guy who says it, and I don't want to sound pessimistic, but do you all really believe Hasek is going to make it through another season injury-free? I was surprised he made it through last year, and now he's a year older. I see it being Osgood/Howard for at least a little bit this season.
  6. Osgood Wants To Play Five More Years

    You can't compare Osgood with Hasek. Hasek is one of the greatest goalies ever, and his play has definitely dropped off significantly from the dominant goalie he used to be. Don't get me wrong, he can still play with the best of them, but he isn't the same goalie he was 7 or 8 years ago. That being said, I love Osgood, but he is not a hall of fame goalie that can still be a good goalie at 85% or whatever. I think in 3 or 4 years Detroit will run him out of town, because by then there will be a new young goalie ready to be brought up.
  7. Anyone wanna see some REAL hockey?

    I loved that league, it was a poor man's version of arena football (which isn't saying much I know). But anyway, my team was the Gargoyles. Just found this, thought you guys might like it. I definately didn't remember how "awesome" their logos were. Link to logos
  8. This is year 2, so the teams are already drafted. I'm looking for a couple people to take these teams over and be really dedicated to the game. This is a 4 sport Keeper league, so you will have to play NBA, NHL and MLB as well. All teams have been drafted except NHL. Email me if you are interested
  9. Question About The Season Schedule

    Does anyone know when it is going to be released? I am trying to plan a trip and want to fit it in with a Lions and Wolverines game, but want to start preparing as early as possible. Just wondering when it is going to be released. Thanks.
  10. Bertuzzi a Duck: 2-Years, $8M

    That's what everyone said last off-season
  11. The Star has an article about the NHL possibly expanding to Las Vegas and Kansas City. Now I remember hearing that the Penguins might move, and I thought they said there would be no more expansion, but now I read that there might be expansion resulting in the wings moving East. The article says, "Expansion would require re-alignment with the Predators battling the Detroit Red Wings and Columbus Blue Jackets for a switch to the Eastern Conference." Read the article here *sorry if already posted, I didn't see it anywhere*
  12. Kozzie a Wing again?

    I don't know guys...he's like 35 now, it's nice to think of the glory day Wings, but I wouldn't mind at all if they passed on him. I know he had 80 points last season, but I can't imagine he's going to have many more seasons like that. The only way I'd like to see him back is for cheap.
  13. New Uniforms?

    This obviously fake, did nobody see the Kansas City jerseys? Obviously these were made by someone with way too much time. Just because the cut is going to be different doesn't mean every team in the league is going to have an overhaul on every design and in some team's cases logos. Come on guys, I can't believe this has gone this far, you have all been duped by a 12 year old who posted something on a 2ksports website, this is an all-time low.
  14. Should the Wings target UFA-to-be Giguere?

    Which is why the Sharks may be willing to unload him, to try and get something for him before he walks after the season. He would be my #1 choice. That being said, I don't think the Wings will spend any big amount of money for a goalie...I just don't see it happening.
  15. Leetch Officially Retires

    wow, he's still playing? j/k