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  1. No TV?

    i have comcast as well... bummer i couldnt watch the game last nite in HD... and tonite, the Sharks game isnt either...
  2. Wings Unlikely To Deal For Offense

    id like to see a Lilja for Blake trade... and a Sammy/Franzen for Fedorov trade... but thats just me... Fillpula and Hudler should be untouchable...
  3. Winter Classic Jan. 1, 2008

    i still think the Wings need to play either Chicago or Toronto @ the Big House in Ann Arbor and have 110,000+ fans watch!
  4. Concerning the "new arena"

    yea its alot... but if we do not want to loose the NAIAS... Cobo must be expanded...
  5. Update from Wednesday's practice

    Dom is uninterested out there this year... he is not playing like he did last year and seems not to care... being 42, hes thinking about more than just hockey... he himself has said after a few games he should have made some of those saves... i hope to see Osgood start most of our games...
  6. Matty Ellis. Regular or not?

    i was hoping for Kopecky to pick it up... but i much rather have Ellis... Kopecky has been our worst player this year...
  7. GAme on the Net Right now?

    that seems like some kind of outdated On-Demand program...
  8. August 16th...

    call it Faygo Stadium... or Better Made Arena...
  9. Eklund at it again. Forsberg to Detroit?

    ive always liked Forsberg... if he comes to the Wings, great!! i've been a Wings fan pretty much since birth... i was raised a Wings fan... hence my Datsyuk and Federov jerseys in my closet... oh yea... id welcome back Fedorov as well if the price was right... but ive always liked Forsberg and i have a Avs Forsberg jersey in my closet as well... and an old school Ducks jersey from the Kariya times... he is one of my favs as well... and a Devils jersey cuz Brodeur is one of my favs also...
  10. Reports: 2nd outdoor game in the works

    how is that possible?? dont all teams at least play each other once... be it maybe this year we are in PIT and next year PIT is here...
  11. Wings Fans in mourning

    actually 2... Scott Burnside picked the Wings in 7 over the Quack... http://sports.espn.go.com/nhl/playoffs2007...tory?id=2863378
  12. Schneider: OUT with Broken Wrist

    he did have the GWG.. but that was Filpulla assisting on Lang's goal...
  13. Frozen moment...

  14. Quincey Recalled

    Lidstrom is playing w/ Markov... thats our Iginla match up... Quincy will be rotating w/ the other 3...
  15. Bertuzzi Cleared to Play in Game 2

    Zetterberg - Datsyuk - Bertuzzi Calder - Lang - Holmstrom Cleary - Draper - Maltby Franzen - Filpulla - Hudler Bert on the top line to defend our 2 stars... and well Sammy sits cuz Sammy sucks...