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  1. GDT

    LOL which weakling on this team do you think would step up to do it? The answer is no one would and even if they did, they'd probably miss....
  2. GDT

    what the f*** are you doing Tatar?!?!
  3. GDT

    the defense was atrocious and Howard needs to stay home...
  4. GDT

    Hey look...the puck was shot above shinpad level and good things happened?!?!?! Who would have thought?!?!?!?!
  5. GDT

    That wasn't a good one-timer...get it off the f***in ice you pansy....
  6. GDT

    Seriously - can any of these pansies try to strain just a bit and put up a goddamn slapshot instead of these stupid wrist shots that go absolutely no where and which the Tampa players are clearly looking to block? This team is weak. Tampa is going to sweep them and Holland will still "like this team".... #fireeveryone
  7. GDT

    Larkin is playing all 200 feet today....that's what this team has needed all year long.... Gah....Dats unlucky with the stick....
  8. GDT

    Mason (being Mason) has missed that before.... The only reason Philly is in this game is because of Mason...
  9. GDT

    It's a mindset problem....part of which is coaching, but it's the front office too. there needs to be new ideas and a fresh start. NO better time than to start now...fire everyone, don't resign anyone who has a contract coming due that is older than 30 years old and rebuild.
  10. I highly doubt Tyutin will be in Columbus at the end of the year. That said, I'll be pissed if he's in Detroit when he's finally traded. Detroit absolutely doesn't need another defenseman who isn't physical, doesn't move the puck more than in an average way and is slow afoot....
  11. So I talked with a friend of mine who might be someone who has access to the Blue Jackets here in Columbus as part of the media. There's really nothing to the rumor at the moment. There was some tension because the system changed from Richards to Torts, but that was for everyone, not just Johansen. As with most things, now that they've won a few games things are settling in a bit. He's still not worth the headaches his attitude issues will eventually bring, despite his talents, but this rumor is mostly an assumption more than an actual ongoing thing....
  12. He's a million dollar talent but a 1 cent desire type player. He only plays well when things are going well. When there is adversity he folds like a cheap tent in a wind storm. He will never be a leader and statistically he may have had his best season already. Not worth it.
  13. You have no idea what you're talking about (again)....the main issue with Columbus is quality defensemen who can stay healthy. Their forward lines are stacked and Bob is good enough to win in the playoffs.
  14. Even if St. Louis is dumb enough to think about letting him go, he's not coming to Detroit.
  15. GDT

    IF you don't think they played well over their heads (and talent level) to even get here you're part of the problem, not the solution. Enjoy your status quo.