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  1. Mrazek doesn't get a pass on this game for me. "Strong" is a bit of a stretch.
  2. Good thing we have Miller and Glendening on the roster to kill those penalties. Also good for Mrazek, since the horrible penalty kill somewhat covers up the pathetic 2nd and 3rd goals he let in.
  3. Lol what a joke. Wake the F up Wings bench.
  4. barabbas16

  5. Signed

    lol so many people are going to hate this so much.
  6. signed

    Meh, maybe he gets left unprotected for expansion and then the term doesn't matter.
  7. Wow... this is a very nationally diverse team.... USA, Canada, Sweden, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Russia, Finland (if there's even still a place for Pulk), and now Austria and Denmark.
  8. I've never liked Douchic and didn't want him in Detroit. But, yeah, Okposo would've brought more to the table than Helm.
  9. signed

    There will be seemingly endless complaints about anything other than Holland signing the top free agents (at least 2) to ridiculously reasonable contracts.
  10. He caved? Didn't see that coming.
  11. Lindros's performance in the 1997 Stanley Cup Finals was an integral part of the Detroit Red Wings franchise's first Stanley Cup in 42 years.
  12. That's too bad. At least they didn't waste a 1st round pick on him...
  13. Close the worm can. This is a hockey message board. Very much do NOT want to read political opinions here.
  14. Tanking pays off in the end this year. Not a fan.