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  1. Who's on your Red Wings Jersey?

    Red Zetterberg
  2. Calder Trophy Winner?

    So far Malkin is the obvious favorite for the calder, The others in the running are the likes of Staal and Stastny, who do you guys think should win?
  3. Datsyuk looking good w/out Zetterberg so far

    Datsyuk is still producing without zetterberg. I hope he stays on this hot streak when Zetterberg returns...
  4. Who would you take?

  5. Future of Wings goaltending

    I don't know if Howard will be ready for a starting gig next year
  6. Future of Wings goaltending

    The wings may soon have to adress the need for a new reliable staring goalie...Hasek is getting older and may soon have to retire for good..They may need to make some off-season moves to fix the problem
  7. Zetterberg...The silent hero

    I know I know I can't spell
  8. Zetterberg out 2-3 weeks (inflamed disc)

    It's unfortunate to lose the leading scorer and a team leader but at least they got Calder and Bertuzzi to help take the load off the rest of the team
  9. Zetterberg...The silent hero

    Zetterberg is a model player for the NHL.. unselfish, skillfull and exciting. He never exaggerates his accomplishments and keeps his mouth shut. He will turn out to be some player when he hits his prime
  10. Most Annoying NHL Fans

    I hate leaf fans they always say ..oh well we will win next year..they have been saying that since '67 they don't admit its time to rebuild...when they went for a cup run they missed the playoffs
  11. Nolan rejected Trade to Red Wings

    I'm Glad that they didnt get Nolan...If they got him they probably would not get Bertuzzi becuase of the cap. I think Bertuzzi will be more productive then Nolan anyway