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  1. Anomalously

  2. John Buccigross Talks About The Wings In His Mailbag

    Didn't Lidstrom win his first Norris Trophy at 30 or 31 and continue dominating the NHL long into his 30s? I think that Buccigross points to Orr and Gretzky at 22 as if these are the primes of normal NHLers when most players are just rookies at 22 really speaks to the fact that he's uninformed here.
  3. He scored more than half of those goals on the powerplay. You play on a powerplay with Sid or Malkin - you'll put a few in, too. That's essentially what he is, a guy with a shot but no other attributes. He got put on waivers by the Lightning, eventually traded and sent down to the AHL the second he was with the Canucks for a reason. He doesn't bring much to the table except a few goals. It goes against the Wings' philosophy to go get goals for goals' sake.
  4. Top Ten Players in the Playoffs from the Hockey News

    To the people mentioning that Osgood wasn't on the list: the author limited it to one player per team. Ovechkin and Getzlaf didn't make the list either, because the author picked their 'tenders as the game changers for those teams. Both were absolute beasts in the postseason.
  5. 2010 Team USA Roster?

    Tim Thomas in net is the glaring piece that's missing here. Beyond that, I think Langenbrunner's in the lineup and some young guys like Pavelski, Backes, and Ryan get long looks. And no Raf on the back end seems odd, why is he scratched over some of these really young and unproven guys?
  6. Hossa ready to return to the Igloo

    Theo, Opie, bewarethepenguin, etc. -- you're all bordering on breaking the forum's rules, be it for trolling, baiting, ad hominem attacks, or derailing threads. The thread is about Hossa's return, not about Frost or Nazis.
  7. PS: Pavel Datsyuk is a playmaker

    Ah, ok. There was no word or phrase in there as to say, "as opposed to," "versus," "in contrast," etc., or even numbers to suggest one thing was different to the other, until you mentioned Pavel and his numbers, hence why I thought Thornton was a puzzling example.
  8. PS: Pavel Datsyuk is a playmaker

    Great example.
  9. will wings retire fedorov's 91?

    162 games played. 50 goals. 113 assists. 163 points. In the playoffs. Four consecutive 20-point performances. In the playoffs. And 3 Cups with the Wings. Some have thrown around Shanahan -- Shanny? 72 playoff points (44% of Fedorov's total in 65% of the games). Fedorov's points-per-game in the playoffs eclipsed Yzerman's -- and is almost identical to Howe's. Further, only 18 players have more playoff points than Fedorov if you only count his resume as a Wing. Of them, only Wayne Gretzky, Mark Messier, Jari Kurri, Glenn Anderson, Joe Sakic, Steve Yzerman, Bryan Trottier, Jean Beliveau, and Mario Lemieux have more with just one team. And four of those guys are associated with the Edmonton Oilers dynasty of the 80s. No, Fedorov isn't a lock. But he should be (and yes, it feels like I've made this argument before...)
  10. TSN Reports Draper out first 2 games of playoffs

    He takes almost as many faceoffs as Z and Pav and wins more than 60% of them. It's not make-or-break, but I'm glad he's only out two games. He steps it up in April, May, and June.
  11. Your MVPs from each respective team this season...

    Nash more instrumental than Mason? The team is 8-11-3 (.886 ppg) without him, 32-18-6 (1.25 ppg) with him. A third of the guy's wins have been in shutouts. Hey, a point-per-game is a point-per game, Nash is a great player... but they're a different team with Mason between the pipes. They were going to play for a top-5 pick until this guy took the top job. (Nitpicky to just throw one name out there, yes, but I'm just saying that there's plenty of possibility for disagreement is all.) If I get time, I'll try to compile a list, but there's only a couple I see as set in stone: Getzlaf in Anaheim, Bouwmeester in Florida, Backstrom in Minnesota, Streit on the Island, Malkin in Pittsburgh, Ovechkin in Washington...
  12. Rick Nash destroyed

    I think if I were Nash and saw Oshie, I'd have lowered my center of gravity significantly and gave it to Oshie. I think he was late enough that Nash could have defended himself (but may not have expected to get it like he did).
  13. Red Wings Goalie curse stretches to 18 years

    18 years since the Wings have drafted an NHL-caliber goaltender? Coincidentally 18 years in a row they've made the playoffs. Some curse that must be.
  14. Gary Roberts Retires

    What aging player would want to go to Tampa Bay? First Andreychuk, now Roberts? Especially Andreychuk, since he was their captain. If I were a free agent, I'd go there last.
  15. The person below me game...

    No. TPBM loves gravy on their fries.