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  1. 1/17 GDT: Red Wings 3, Canucks 2 (SO)

    True robbery. Now if we could only find some scoring help we would be set! Oh, and some better treatments cuz all these injuries are just getting out of hand.
  2. 1/17 GDT: Red Wings 3, Canucks 2 (SO)

    Wow what a game. Even though the Canucks lost in the Shootout, I still had a blast and could not complain about my seats right behind Luongo. For any of you who were there, i was the tall guy w/away Luongo jersey jumping up and hitting the glass when the nucks scored haha. I think the Nucks players were pretty upset about losing that game because I tried getting some autographs after the game and they all pretty much ignored me or gave me a thumbs up. Didn't seem like they were in a hurry either. Ooooo well. Great game everyone!
  3. Joe Louis Arena Visiting Team Entrance

    Actually you are further north than I am heh. Toledo here.
  4. Joe Louis Arena Visiting Team Entrance

    Heh I will see ya out there if you wait after the game, gonna try and get my Luongo jersey signed! Look for me during the game, right behind Luongo row 1!
  5. Jan 17 - Canucks @ Wings Question

    Thank you so much for the info. I will tell Kes you said Hi. *prays Luongo will sign jersey*
  6. Jan 17 - Canucks @ Wings Question

    I usually park at the Hockeytown Cafe parking garage, and take the bus to the Joe. The bus drops everyone off by a huge staircase, and im pretty sure the river is to the left. Hope its the right one!
  7. Jan 17 - Canucks @ Wings Question

    Ah, so pretty much in reality, my best chance to get a signature would be to toss my jersey onto the ice at Luongo and pray he gives it back to me after the game? Edit*** Oh, and its cool Saran. Heh.
  8. Jan 17 - Canucks @ Wings Question

    That wouldn't be the entrance with the huge staircase would it?
  9. Jan 17 - Canucks @ Wings Question

    Well the Wings attack that side twice, the 2nd period I will be behind Hasek.
  10. Jan 17 - Canucks @ Wings Question

    Hey guys, I am gonna be at this game on the 17th. Say hi, I will be right behind Luongo row 1 for two periods wearing my away Luongo jersey. Please be friendly! My question though, is where the away players usually leave the rink once the game is over. I really want a chance at getting Luongo to sign my jersey. As for the game, may the best team win! Go nucks! -Shane
  11. Duck and Nucks... GDT LNC style!

    Good luck with the Ducks guys. Id rather see the Wings go all the way instead of the Ducks. Better team wins the series. Hopefully this summer Van can pick up some scoring ability. Imagine how good Vancouver will be when they don't tank the 1st half of the season this time around. Cheers.
  12. Post-GAME 3 (4/30): Sharks 2, Red Wings 1 F

    Looks like Detroit and Vancouver are now in the same boat. Down 2-1 in their respective series, with lots of injuries taking a toll. Cheers.
  13. 4/25 GDT : 2nd Round Game 1's

    Nuck's organization won't say whats wrong with Bieksa. They just say he's under the weather. Salo is having back spasms. Cooke is out with a groin injury. Kesler has a broken finger.
  14. 4/25 GDT : 2nd Round Game 1's

    Doesnt help when we are missing 2 of our top 4 dmen in Salo AND Bieksa. That is what hurt us, plus missing energy players like Cooke and Kesler doesn't help. Anaheim definitely capitalized on our defensive mistakes, and our powerplay didn't do too hot because of Salo and Bieksa both being out. Hopefully at least ONE of those guys will be back for Game 2.
  15. ESPN Picks CBS Sportsline has the Sharks AND the Canucks winning. Hopefully Vancouver will silence you guys and prove that Anaheim will not DESTROY Vancouver like you hope.