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  1. HoweHatTrick


  2. HoweHatTrick

    2/11 GDT: Sharks 3 at Red Wings 2 (SO)

    Those DMC ads are appalling. I will do my best to never go to the DMC now.
  3. HoweHatTrick

    Detroit Red Wings open house

    I'll stop and pick some stuff up. Thanks for the heads up!
  4. HoweHatTrick

    Detroit Red Wings open house

    Does anyone know if they will have items available for sale to get signed? I need to go straight from work and totally forgot to grab some items this morning. Thanks!
  5. HoweHatTrick

    I think it's time...

    It's awfully difficult to disagree. The awards show is tonight, hopefully there is good news to report from Vegas.
  6. HoweHatTrick

    No Pavel, No Cup

    I don't get why Datsyuk didn't play last nigth. It appears he can put a skate on his foot. Nothing against Leino, but I would rather have 8 minutes out of Dats than Leino, and the depth to play him on special teams.
  7. HoweHatTrick

    Pens Team Defense

    I agree with everything you said, you nailed it. We have got to stay out of the box, we can't take dumb penalties in this series (not that we have been undisciplined). We'll also most likely need Fil or Helm matchup against Crosby when they double shift him. It will be interesting to see how those matchups play out. The way both guys have played so far, I feel pretty good, they've done a good job at creating offense from their defense.
  8. HoweHatTrick

    How long will it take Ericsson to recover from surgury?

    My wife works at a hospital, so I had her ask a doctor what the deal was with the surgery. Here is the response. So it makes sense why they are saying that it's a game day decision, and sounds positive that the odds are with him being able to play. "I assume they did it through the laparoscope, i.e. minimally invasive surgery. There is very little abdominal wall injury - the part that would prevent him from playing on Saturday. Assuming he doesn't have and GI problems, nausea, vomiting, inability to eat, he should be good to go. Not like the old way when he would be out 6 weeks."
  9. HoweHatTrick

    Kenny on The Hour with Bettman

    Should be interesting. It's at 4pm today. Link
  10. HoweHatTrick

    First time in Michigan

    The Peanut Barrel is a great place for a burger and beer too, and it's incredibly cheap. Lansing Mall, or Okemos Mall are probably your best bets for Wings gear in EL. Everything you find in dowtown EL will be green and white.
  11. HoweHatTrick

    No TV Timeouts after icings this year

    That was how they've done it for years, the exceptions being when some one was on a PP. They were at the 6:00, 11:30, and 15:00 marks of each period. Only difference now would be that they wouldn't include icing in that.
  12. HoweHatTrick

    Who is this bird?

    I was only 4 or 5 years old, but I used to go to a ton of games in the 80s. And if I remember correctly, they used to have someone in a bird cosutme come out on the ice during intermission, spin around with sticks, and give the sticks to kids in the stands. I don't have any idea what it's name was.
  13. HoweHatTrick

    Z looking to stay here

    I have a feeling your right. I'm hoping this is done before the New Year. It would be a nice Christmas present to get Hank locked up long term.
  14. HoweHatTrick

    Z looking to stay here "It's many months before the open market starts; hopefully, we can get something done before," Zetterberg said Wednesday after returning from Sweden and participating in an informal practice with teammates at Joe Louis Arena. "I love it here. This has become a home for me. I would like to be here for a long, long time." Zetterberg said his agent, Marc Levine, and Wings general manager Ken Holland have started discussions concerning a potential new deal. Holland said these types of negotiations often take a few months, which is why they're starting early. Great to hear that they are already talking, and hope to get something done.
  15. HoweHatTrick


    This is from MLive. It's originally from Eklund, but I hate him. But as mentioned in the article, this could explain why it's taking so long for Cheli to sign. Theoretically speaking... Posted by George James Malik August 08, 2008 03:33AM As I stated about a week ago, I'm not a fan of the unsubstantiated rumour foundry that is the website of the so-called Eklund. I don't click on his website most days, actually, but I thought this little ditty might have some pertinence in explaining why Chris Chelios has yet to sign his latest contract extension: August 7, Hockeybuzz: As many of you may or may not know... the NHLPA and NHL are expecting to come to some sort of agreement by month's end that will assure a season next year for us all. While this is a foregone conclusion, I still feel it is important to NOT take these things for granted. After all...fool me once... And while the NHLPA can open this deal up, no one expects them to. However, until they officially say they aren't opening this up the NHL has taken away a buffer zone of 5 percent for this season since a next season may not exist. That is at least how I understand it...And that buffer zone is the same buffer zone that teams have used to sign players over 35 to special bonuses allowed for that age group. Now that is all pretty damn boring and confusing...But suffice to say I am told by several sources that the until the CBA is officially allowed to go on as is, Shanahan and Selanne are going to wait since the bonus structures that would allow the Rangers and the Ducks the extra cap space doesn't yet exist... The irony here is that without Shanahan's hard work the NHLPA wouldn't even have this option. So yes Brendan has essentially put himself a bit behind the eight ball for the good of the whole. However most people believe a deal with the Rangers and Shanny is all but done. Just waiting until this stuff is over... Yeah, "Fool me once," mouthpiece for several high-ranking sources who wanted to spill the beans for leverage...they made your career... Anyway, calls for Brendan Shanahan's immediate sainthood aside (it's more like, "He wants to play for the Rangers, so he's gonna make it work" than, "Oh, Saint Brendan, thou hast performed another work of mercy"), if there's a possibility that the NHL would put the, "You can go over the cap by as much as 5% to give performance bonuses to players over 35 years of age, and if you actually need that cap space for the 08-09 season, you can defer the performance bonus to the 09-10 season" clause back into play (that wasn't "damn boring and confusing" or rocket science, was it?) clause back into effect for the upcoming season, it would make sense that someone as intimately connected to the inner workings of the NHLPA could--and I emphasize could--be waiting to see if he can qualify for a few bonuses before signing an entry-level-sized salary to accommodate his team's cap situation. That's a big "if," but that's the realm that Mr. Eklund works in.