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  1. Almost 24 hours to go. Please don't screw this up Kenny.
  2. The great Jason Williams.
  3. You guys know Strickland is as credible as Eklund right?
  4. bleacher report = /thread
  5. Jay Boumeester.
  6. Smith will complement Kronwall nicely, screw Jblow.
  7. How about the Great One?
  8. Modano
  9. Gotta go with the giant f****** Q on this one.
  10. http://www.kuklaskor..._medium=twitter
  11. Yeah talk about ending on a cliffhanger, something is up with that watch...
  12. *SPOILER ALERT* Anyone else think the ricin Walt hid in the outlet is for Skyler?????
  13. only flyer d man i'd be interested in is meszaros