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  1. ECSF Game 6

    These ate a submarine: Don't know what these are, but they might work: Let's get this done.
  2. Hart Trophy Nominees

    That's moronic. Malkin doesn't even play with Crosby usually and yet you dismiss Sedin despite his brother being injured for a large chunk of the season. I'm not saying Crosby wouldn't deserve it but come on, you reasoning suck balls.
  3. Ovi's postgame

    I'd rather have a player say nothing than to say something stupid.
  4. Norris Finalists Announced

    Since people seem to think his +/- stat during the regular season is worthless, what exactly does that tell us?
  5. Sad story...

    Since it was obviously a crime of passion judging from the poor cover-up he attempted and the excessive violence, I'd say it's very likely alcohol (or any other drug) was involved. It usually is.
  6. WCQF Game 5 GDT: Red Wings 4 at Coyotes 1

    Actually I heard it somewhere else first. Wut u gonna do bout it??
  7. Sad story...

    No way man! Hockey is LIFE!! Seriously though, I doubt the issue was the hockey game here. It was probably much more deeply rooted than his wife getting angry at him for staying up late.
  8. Ovechkin snows a child

    How exactly does this make him look arrogant?
  9. Norris Finalists Announced

    Analogy fail.
  10. Ovechkin snows a child

    Are you saying Nik looks like a 95 year old man?
  11. Ovechkin snows a child

    It was a bit "meh" for me. Fun though to watch hfboards blow up when the YT went up.
  12. 4/20 OOT Playoff Gameday

    Pittsburgh would crash and burn without him, without a question.
  13. Crosby Hits 50

    Uhm what? He said he wouldn't be surprised if Crosby had 5 points in the last period, making him have a whooping 10 point game. Sure it's possible, but only a fool would sit around and expect it.
  14. Crosby Hits 50

    So you wouldn't be surprised if Pittsburgh scored 10 goals total and Crosby being involved in all of them? You have a really high bar then...
  15. 2010 Olympic Gold Medal Game: Canada 3 vs. USA 2 (OT)

    Hey, try to look it from the bright side. No player can be this lucky forever. I'm calling a miserable playoff run by Crosby.