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  1. WQF Game 5 GDT: Red Wings 2, Predators 1 (OT)

    Same here!! :beerbuddy: Have fun tonight and pound on the glass!!!
  2. WQF Game 5 GDT: Red Wings 2, Predators 1 (OT)

    Hey man, I was translating a parallel from the word choice. And he still couldn't get Dorothy home!!!!
  3. 2008 Photoshop War: Predators vs. Red Wings

    Well there still is that league-wide perception of the Wings being old....
  4. WQF Game 5 GDT: Red Wings 2, Predators 1 (OT)

    Wasn't the OZ a snake-oil salesman hiding behind a curtain from Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, and the Cowardly Lion?? Sounds like smoke and mirrors. He has been proved human before. Should be a great game tonight and hoping my Preds are just desparate enough to topple y'all and deliver the knock-out blow on Sunday.
  5. WQF Game 4 GDT: Predators 3, Red Wings 2

    I thank him everyday!! Just liked I thanked John Ziegler for not allowing the Blues to move to Saskatoon in 1983 either when I was a kid in West St. Louis County!!! As far as the cash goes, thanks for that too! The BoG and the NHLPA agreed to it so that's their deal. Hopefully a better lease and local ownership to get more suits in the lower bowl will get us in the black so we can share our good fortune when the Loonie hits 60 cents on the US dollar again. The game should be protected in its homeland and also shared and allowed to grow into new markets. Legwand just adds more to deal with for the Wings that creates opportunities for secondary scoring for us. If it takes pressure off of our top line, then it can open up more scoring chances there and so on. We had some chances in Games 1 & 2 that we didn't convert and might have buried some of those pucks had our match-ups been better at the time.
  6. WQF Game 4 GDT: Predators 3, Red Wings 2

    That's pretty much how I felt since last night; but have to say that this is much more fun than last season was for us hockey 'hicks'!!! But if we can take one from y'all at the Joe... Legwand has always played like a maniac in Motown and we may see if he's the difference in picking up our first playoff road win. All I can say is that I'm more than happy to be able to use my tickets for Game 6 here in NashVegas to see my Pred's push the team that took the President's trophy to the brink in the playoffs in a season/year when we had to fight for our very existence as a fan base. Words can't describe what we have been feeling the last couple of months to what we have borne witness to. It's really been unreal.
  7. 2008 Photoshop War: Predators vs. Red Wings

    Yes... we like to get some. Especially in Nashville...
  8. 2008 Photoshop War: Predators vs. Red Wings

    OK that is pretty funny!!! I didn't expect that one!!!
  9. Who will challenge the Wings for Central title?

    I find it quite interesting to see how many of y'all think we'll be OK next season in Nashville. Seems that not everybody thinks that we've totally dismantled the thing. Our sucess will depend on d and steady goaltending much like y'all did last season and... hope the Vokoun trade doesn't blow up in our face!! I'm figuring we'll get a hard fought 6-7 seed for the playoffs and hit our attendance mark. But we have to play the games and who knows what the injury bug minions will bring us. The Blues should be better and make the division stronger overall and Columbus may figure it out or they'll be in Balsillie/del Biaggio trouble like us next in the near future.
  10. Nashville's days appear numbered

    Will not dispute your logic on this one as I feel that this situation is evident across all of the major sports leagues. The problem is that guys that have made some coin in the business world think they can apply the same tactics to sports teams that got them ahead in business and be the man of the hour all of the time because they own the team. They have to really set themselves up to be more like a public utility that attempts to serve all and provide some benefit to all and make an adequate profit; not a quick slash-and-dash stock swap deal that nets them a billion for a few patented ideas in an emerging company. Hard to put the ideas in a few short words about some of the new owners; but think I got the point accross.
  11. Nashville's days appear numbered

    You know, I've never been to a game in Nashville that hasn't had a decent amount of fans there and been fun to watch the game and the crowd. It's not like they are playing to empty houses; just some empty spaces in the lower bowl that are usually the pervue of corporations. Honestly brother, I've been through this situation 25 years ago in STL with a saskatoon group trying to take the Blues to the Canadian prairie. The Blues weren't exactly making money for their owners (Ralston-Purina) at the time and it looked like they were well on their way to become the Saskatoon Spittoons featuring Joey Mullen, Bernie Federko, Brian Sutter, and Dougie Gilmor. They weren't an Original Six team and didn't exactly have a lot of tradition in their 14-15 year history as of the early 80's. The NHL BoG nixed the deal and whom would argue that STL hasn't become a very good hockey market in its 40 years of existence. The Blues in the early 80's and the current Pred's organizations really are very similar in this stage of franchise development. If we can see this thing through, fight off Balsillie, and get local ownership like the Blues did when Mike Shanahan's group bought the Blues in the late 80's from Harry Ornest, I can see this thing really taking off and being a fixture till the big building on Broadway in Nashville, Tennessee come crashing down 40 years from now. It's not like there aren't deep pockets people here in Nashville. Climate's good and the taxes are low and enough celebrities to hon knob with.
  12. Nashville's days appear numbered

    That's the best reasoning why they shouldn't do this I've seen yet.
  13. OFFICIAL Lets Go Oilers Thread of 3/27

    We'll never know because of the HIIPA guidelines for hospitals and physicians to not disclose information publically on patients without consent. The only benefit to all of the injuries is the inclusion of all players on special teams to have them ready for the playoff run should players go down and Radulov getting signifigant ice time w/ Foppa. They are starting to click.... I could deal w/ a d-man going down with the depth there at Milwaukee; but we could really use a forward or two coming back to help. Really need Sully back to add scoring bite back to the penalty kill with his breakaways!!!