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  1. IceMunkee

  2. I got two hard rules I live by; I don't f*** with the devil and I don't do tag teams with blood relatives.

  3. Old school Eminem on the radio, "Without Me" FUN

  4. A great win by the Wings, damn they looked good! Tootoo with twotwo fights!!!

  5. Nice to hear about a great start to the wings game! Buzz boys buzz!

  6. Cold SpaghettiO's. Yum.

  7. I don't see nothing wrong with a little bump and grind.

  8. Great day on the ice! Didn't catch any fish but I was able to enjoy some time with my dad and possible future employers.

  9. Tonight I played some great maps with Ian Ian Randles and spoke with a good friend Kevin Tran. Good times.

  10. The song "Red Robin" by Stephen Clarke is a song every father of a girl needs in his library.

  11. The wings are frustrating to watch.

  12. So the Wings played pretty well just couldn't get it in the crease.

  13. There is no reason for any electronic device to make a sound during class besides you are just an inconsiderate ass. #muteyours***

  14. Just ran into an ex. It was very peaceful and kinda flirty. Is that normal?