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  1. Cheli and Samuel L Jackson video

    I don't know if this has been posted already,but a friend emailed it to me and it's pretty damn funny
  2. &$(# off Versus

    This is a long time complaint of mine.The Wings never win,the other team just plays bad.I get sick of hearing s*** like that.I talk with the guys at work about that all the time.It happens to all the Detroit teams,not just the Wings.Well,the Lions deserve to be made fun of.I usually flip the channel at intermission when it's a Vs or NBC broadcast.There was a good Tigers game on tonight,so I had something to watch at intermission and commercial breaks. I love it when the can't pronounce names or call out the wrong guys that are on the ice.They sound like total retards.To quote Carlos Mencia "Dee Dee Dee".
  3. Lets give credit to players that had a great series

    Johan Franzen Lilja's play since Kronwall went down has surprised me.Filppula played good.Too bad he couldn't have gotten more ice time during the regular season.I was worried about Zetterberg coming in after such a long layoff,but he just got better as the series went along.It was nice to see Pavel dishing out some hits.I think you could find something good to say about most of the guys,but I still cringe whenever Lang and Sammy are on the ice.Those guys are turnovers waiting to happen.
  4. Game 4: (4/19) Red Wings @ Flames (LIVE)

    Nice hats the fans are wearing.It looks like they made them out of KFC buckets.
  5. Game 4: (4/19) Red Wings @ Flames (LIVE)

    Maybe Babcock figures that Sammy shoots from the blueline no matter what the situation is,he might as well put him there on the PP. Sammy should be watching the game from a suite upstairs.Give Hudler a chance.
  6. Game 4: (4/19) Red Wings @ Flames (LIVE)

    I hope Gary Bettman is happy with his ******* officials.This is a joke.What's next?? 2 minutes for not being nice? I've said this too much in the past few seasons,but how the hell can they play so good and then suck so bad? That's a pretty cool looking bar they have out there.
  7. WATCH "Return Of Hockeytown" Episode One

    Very nice.That sure brings back some memories.Let's hope they make some more memories this year.
  8. Storm done in Toledo!

    I used to go to a lot of Storm games and I have had a lot of fun there,especially during the championship years,but the last time I went,somebody crapped in the sink.I mentioned this before and some people pointed out that you don't use the bathrooms at TSA,but when you have a few drinks at dinner and a few at the game,some things can't be avoided.Anyway,that was too damn nasty.No way in hell I'm bringing my kids down there.At the same game,there were two old guys,in their 60's at least,fighting in the stands.That sort of thing really sucks because I can actually afford to take my kids to a Storm game,unlike the Wings,but there's no way I'm taking them down there.Fifth Third Field is a great place to go.If they can do that sort of thing with the Storm,then I'm all for it.
  9. 4/16 GDT: The heat's on

    I'm off work right now after knee surgery so bring on the late night games!!
  10. Osgood

  11. NBC Broadcast team

    The only thing I liked was when Hull got on Lang's case for that lazy ass penalty he took.Did they put Hull in the broadcast booth to try and spice things up a bit?i like Hull ,but all he did was make fun of players and talk s*** with those other two morons.Mickey might be full of cliches,but I would rather listen to Mick and Ken Daniels any day.The pregame was lame also.Where does Ray Ferarro get off saying that the Wings aren't happy with the way Hasek's been playing.I think I would rather mute the tv and listen to Ken Kal on the radio.The jackasses on Vs aren't any better.I hope CBC carries the Wings playoff games when FSN doesn't.
  12. Odd Man Out

    I think Maltby should be in the playoff lineup.He can be (hopefully) a gritty playoff- type pest.It will probably be Hudler or Filppula that sits.They each have upsides.Hudler has been a hot goal scorer lately and Filppula is strong on the puck.I would not want to have to make that decision.I keep hearing and reading what a great playoff performer that Lazy Lang is.I hope so, because if he plays like he has been,his lazy passes and lack of hustle are going to cost the Wings a game or two.If he doesn't step it up,maybe he should sit a game or two and watch.The same goes for Samuelsson.It's annoying as hell when he lets it rip from the blueline without looking for a pass.Playoff goals are hard to come by.He needs to look for a pass once in a while.It's a team sport for cripes sake!! That's just my opinion.
  13. Toledo Storm!

    I didn't mean that the seating was bad,that way.You are right,there isn't a bad seat in the house.Iv'e sat everywhere from the front row to the last row and you can see the ice anywhere.I meant that the seats are small,cramped,etc.I wore my white Yzerman jersey down there one night and it ended up with red paint on it from the seat.I wasn't a happy camper!
  14. Toledo Storm!

    I used to go to a lot of games at The Sports Arena when my kids were little.Now that they are bigger and they want to go,I don't get there very much.It's not really a nice place to take the kids.That sucks,because it's pretty affordable to go there.We had a lot of good times there during their championship years in the early 90's.The last game I went to though,there was a guy crapping in the sink in the men's bathroom.That's pretty damn nasty.Too nasty for me.I think it's probably too nasty for a lot of people.It is just a very outdated building.I think they have one of the first Zamboni's ever made.The sound system sucks.The seating sucks.The parking sucks,I had to park on the boat launch ramp at the marina behind the arena once.It would suck if the team had to fold,but they need a new building to get fans to show up.
  15. Who's on your Red Wings Jersey?

    I forgot about my son's white Yzerman jersey.It was a gift when he was about 2 days old.It's so small!!!I don't think he could get his head into it now.LOL. One jersey I would really like to get is a Peterborough Petes Yzerman jersey.